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Quadra Island The largest and most populated of the

Discovery Islands

Quadra Island is nestled between Vancouver Island and the

mainland of British Columbia.

Quadra Island is a popular destination for visitors from

around the world, and is best known for its natural and

beautiful wilderness scenery, and its excellent salmon

and freshwater sportfishing.

The mild temperate climate, rural lifestyle, pristine

environment, breathtaking coastal scenery, and the

friendly people of Quadra all add to the charm of

Quadra Island.

The diversity of people, professions, lifestyles and

pastimes is what makes Quadra Island a truly great

place to live or visit.

Quadra Island was named after Don Juan Francisco

de la Bodegay Quadra, the 18th Century Spanish Naval

Officer and close friend of Captain George Vancouver.

Just over two hundred years ago, Captain Vancouver

made contact with the aboriginal people on the island,

sending yawls to sound the now-named Discovery Passage

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Day 64 Take the Sea To Sky Highway

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Day 64 Take the Sea To Sky Highway


Sea to Sky Highway

Highway 99 is the Sea to Sky Highway, which winds

 through five distinct biogeoclimatic zones in the

Vancouver, Coast and Mountains region of BC, from

coastal rain forest at Horseshoe Bay, through Squamish,

 Garibaldi Provincial Park, and the Resort Municipality

of Whistler.

Intensely scenic, the Sea to Sky Highway (Highway 99)

crosses paths with two historic routes, the Pemberton

Trail and the Gold Rush Heritage Trail, which linked the

 coast with the interior in the days before the automobile.

 Along these ancient pathways, generations of Coast

Salish people traded with their relations in the Fraser

 Canyon, while in the 1850s, prospectors stampeded

north towards the Cariboo gold fields.

In 1915, the Pacific Great Eastern railway began service

between Squamish and the Cariboo.

For those in search of outdoor recreation, the railway

 proved an ideal way to reach…

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Hornby Island DivingWith stellar sea lions above and

wolfeels, octopus, and six-gill sharks lurking below,

 the emerald  seas that encircle Hornby Island guarantee

some memorable undersea thrills.By Jett Britnell

One of my fondest undersea experiences occurred

 back in 1982 while I was diving at Hornby Island, B.C.

It was my first visit to the island and I had

ventured there to dive with the island’s famed

six-gill sharks.

In fact, this was my first attempt at shark diving.

I can remember being extremely excited as I had studied

and admired sharks since I was a very young boy

While I was on my drysuit, I recall thinking how far it

seemed   I had travelled from the time I stood alone in

front of my fifth grade class at Regina Public School in

Ottawa to deliver my interest talk on sharks.

Yes, back then I knew…

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Caroline C Burnett Artist

A painter born in the United States (place unknown), she was in Paris in the early part of her career, which was late 19th and early 20th century.


She was a member of the Societe des Beaux-Arts in Paris and exhibited with the Societe Nationale des Beaux Arts in Paris in 1898.

This society was founded in the 1880s as a rival to the well-established group sponsoring the ‘oficial’ Salon.  The SNBA held their exhibitions at the Palais des Beaux Arts on the Champs-de-Mars.


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Paul Harder is a bronze sculptor with a love of creatures small and large.
His experience as an ecologist has led to his fascination with fish, marine creatures, reptiles, birds and mammals.
His current focus is on the diverse and magnificent wildlife of British Columbia.
Have a look at what`s new on Paul’s blog.
Tel: 250-656-7783 • Email: paharder@shaw.ca
612 Downey Road, North Saanich, BC, V8L 5M6


Paul has taken his love of the wilderness and his many work and travel experiences

and developed a new career as an impassioned bronze sculptor.

He has been drawn to a diverse array of creatures and has been continually

adding to the sculpture garden around his studio in North Saanich, BC.

Recent Examples

Some recent examples of west coast inspired bronze sculptures include

the Timber Wolf, Cougar, Grizzly Bear, Great Blue Heron, Great Horned Owl,

Oyster Catchers, Tufted…

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Tranquil and bucolic, Denman Island and Hornby Island sit just off  the east coast of Vancouver Island.

Denman Island is the larger of the two,knowen for its pastoral farmlands

and its population of talented artisans.

Separated from Vancouver Island by narrow Baynes Sound, Denman Island

is fertile, low-lying and lush.

Its beautiful sandstone and gravel shores teem with life: oysters,

rock crabs, clams, eagles, seabirds and black-tailed deer.

Denman was once known as Punchlatt Island, and the Inner Island,

by the Puntledge First Nations who set up summer camps on the island,

gathering clams and berries, and fishing and hunting.

Deer were caught by herding them into the water where hunters

waited in canoes.

The first European settlement on Denman Island was in 1874.

The island was named after Rear Admiral Joseph Denman,

Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Station, 1864-6.

The island was allegedly nicknamed “Little Orkney” by the settlers

who came

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Nestled in the southern end of the Columbia River Valley is the community of Canal Flats, located just off Highway

93/95 that links Cranbrook in the south of the valley

 with Golden, about 140 miles (239 km) to the north.


Canal Flats sits 1 kilometre from the southern end of

 the 16-kilometre long Columbia Lake, the source of

the Columbia River that flows north to Kinbasket Lake

 before turning south to finally empty into the Pacific

 Ocean at Astoria, Oregon, a journey of 1,225 miles

(1,960 kms).

Columbia Lake lies squeezed between two walls of

 rock; the Purcell Mountains to the west and the Rocky

 Mountains to the east.


In pre-Contact native America and the early years of

western exploration, the Kootenay Valley was a major

transportation corridor.


 Due to curiosity of geology, the headwaters of the vast

Columbia River are separated from the south-flowing

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I’m going to tell you a secret about fly fishing

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Forming its headwaters in a region studded

 with picturesque coves, beaches, islands,

rock cliffs, waterfalls, coniferous forests

 and the snow-capped Cascade Mountains,

the Harrison River is often overlooked by

serious anglers.


Perhaps it’s because there are so many

distractions in this magnificent region, just

90 minutes by car from Vancouver, British

Columbia – from the world-class amenities

at Harrison Hot Springs Resort to the full

range of backcountry adventure options in

pristine wilderness settings.


Whatever the reason for the oversight, it’s

a delicious secret: fishing in the Harrison

 River is nothing short of incredible.

Thousands of Chinook, Coho, chum, pink

and sockeye salmon, fresh from the ocean,

spawn each year in the short stretch of the

 Harrison River.


From mid-August to December the main

channel of the Harrison River and the

 Weaver Creek spawning channel are

 crammed with the brilliant red and green

flashes of mating salmon.

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design 3Design 1900 Teapot and teapot holder

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Manufacturer Status: Discontinued Actual: 1991 – 1999

Pattern: Dior Rose by CHRISTIAN DIOR CHINA [CHDDIR]    


8 dinner plates, 8 flat cups and saucers, 8 salad plates and 8 large soup bowls

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dior 1

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