Posted by: cherylyoung | November 16, 2009

“Paddle the Bowron Lakes

paddling PADDLE THE BOWRON LAKES In a province where” a lake a day as long as you stay: isn’t an empty promise, the Bowron lakes canoe circuit stands alone as an iconic paddling experience. paddling 2   This renowned wilderness journey of six to 10 days takes paddlers through the scenic and wildlife-rich Cariboo Mountains.   The circuit forms a parallelogram with 1,492-square-kilometres Bowron Lake Provincial Park, east of Quesnel, and features a total of 1126 kilometres of lakes, waterwa6ys and connecting portages.   Relatively little experience is required.  The number of canoeists paddling the full or partial circuit has declined to 3.444 in 2008 from 4.169 in 1998, so the time for a paddle couln’t be better.   For greatest solitude, go in spring (the park officially open May 15) or fall.  Reservations are particularly recommended in summer. Info: (250-387-1642 to reserve:   The Bowron lakes: A Guide to Paddling British Columbia’s winderness Canoe Circuit by Jim Booyde. Chris Harris, Dean Hull ( By larry Pynn CHERYL C YOUNG, REALTOR SAANICH PENINSULA REALTY SIDNEY BC.

Upstairs on Beacon

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