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The resort destination of Whistler is nestled below the  

Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains in the Whistler Valley,

 north of Vancouver, British Columbia.


 In recognition of its world-class status as a ski resort, the

 cosmopolitan Village of Whistler will co-host the 2010

Winter Olympic Games with Vancouver.


 Enchanting Whistler continues to be the fastest-growing

municipality in BC,and has been recognized as the Top Ski

Resort in North America for the past decade.

Something magical happens when you arrive at the summit

 of the  small valley that contains Whistler.


 A cluster of small lakes is gathered here, reflecting the

 outlines of the mountains high above, including Alta Lake,

 the great divide in the Sea to Sky corridor.


No other lakes have scenery quite like this to mirror.

When you let your eyes rise from the reflection to admire the

real thing, the contours of the ski runs on Blackcomb and Whistler

Mountains pattern the forested slopes.


 Above the tree line, you can still see remnants of the most

recent ice age in the glaciers  that encrust the highest peaks.


Take a deep breath of the freshest air imaginable, and

prepare for a magnificent playground called Whistler.


Whistler is the ultimate rags-to-riches West Coast success



 The Princess of the West Coast, Whistler has been

transformed in just over 25 years from the tiny wilderness

 recreation community originally known as Alta Lake to

the worldfamous super-resort village with a population of



 Central to everything in the resort is Whistler Village, with


 shopping areas and après-ski restaurants bordered by

squeaky-clean streets.


The skiing is… well… maybe the best anywhere Whistler and

Blackcomb mountains have over 200 runs and 33 ski lifts



The Coast Salish First Nations people inhabited the land

around Whistler for many thousands of years, hunting and

gathering and living a nomadic lifestyle on the land.


The Whistler Valley was an isolated wilderness frequented

 only by  the Lil’wat Nation from the Mount Currie area and

the Squamish Nation who lived in an area stretching

 from present day North Vancouver to the Squamish River

watershed and the northern area of Howe Sound

(Gibson’s Landing).


The European history of Whistler stretches back to the 1860s,

when British Naval  Officers surveyed the area and gave

Whistler Mountain  the name London Mountain.


 The name Whistler was used by these early settlers because

of the shrill whistling sound made by the western hoary

marmots that live among the rocks.

 The Pemberton Trail from the top of Howe Sound through

 the Coast Mountains linking the Pacific coast to the

Pemberton valley north of Whistler was completed in 1877,

encouraging trappers and prospectors to settle.

They were followed by the arrival from Maine of Alex and

Myrtle Philip in 1912.

 Construction began in 1914 on what was to become the

 famous Rainbow Lodge on Alta Lake, catering to fishermen

 and outdoors people.

 The highway eventually pushed through from Vancouver

 in 1965,

 with Whistler Mountain opening for skiing during the

 same year.

In February 1966, when the Garibaldi Lift Company opened

 its ski area on the west side of Whistler Mountain, Whistler

Resort was only a vision of a dedicated few.

 The development of Whistler Resort just 14 years later, and

its successive growth into an award-winning, international

resort, is unparalleled in ski history. (History of Whistler).

To complement Whistler Mountain, Blackcomb Mountain opened

 its brand new facility in December 1980, and Whistler Village

was built at the base of these two side-by-side mountains.

 The Village was carefully designed to reap the benefits of

the Coast Mountain’s excellent geographical location,

emphasizing excellent sun exposure and breathtaking

mountain vistas.

The more than two million annual visitors to Whistler will

find that th excellent exchange rate, superb terrain,

impressive snowfalls and the unique village atmosphere

 all combine to provide great value and an unforgettable

vacation experience.

 The spectacular two-hour drive along the

Sea to Sky Highway (99 North), from Vancouver to Whistler

offers awe-inspiring views of Howe Sound and passes by

 the town of Squamish.

 Once you’re in Whistler, you can ride a free in-resort

shuttle bus within the village area.

 If you want to go sightseeing around the valley, you can use

 Whistler’s public transit system or take a guided tour.

Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort has the largest ski area on

the continent: over 28,000 hectares (7,000 acres) of ski and

snowboard terrain, with over 200  marked trails, 12 massive

 Alpine bowls, 3 glaciers, and 33 lifts.

Whistler Mountain (elevation 7,160 feet/2,182 m) and

Blackcomb Mountain (elevation 7,494 feet/2,284 metres)

competed with each other for two decades  before merging

 in 1997.

Competition between Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains

two led to their status in the minds (and hearts) of many

skiers and snowboarders as the premier North American

winter resorts.

Their union merely confirmed the impression that, for most

visitors,  Whistler is a seamless valley.

You can just as easily explore one mountain as the other.

 Each offers a complimentary perspective on its companion

 and each has a loyal following of ski and snowboard devotees.

The best answer to the question ‘which is best?’ is that when

you’re in heaven, it doesn’t matter which side of the street

you walk on.

 Both have been around long enough (Whistler since 1965 and

 Blackcomb since 1980) to have developed trails over a combined

 total of 7,071 acres (2,864 hectares) that over the seasons

have been shaped, groomed, and gladed to hold snow and

reduce obstacles.

After an invigorating day on the mountains, or enjoying

adventure activities in Whistler Valley, visitors can explore

the unique pedestrian-only Whistler Village.

 No matter what you choose to do, Whistler serves up an

attractive mix of cosmopolitan amenities and pristine


 Relive the history of Whistler at the Whistler Museum and

Archives, situated in the village on Main Street.

 The museum houses exhibits on ski history and artifacts

dating back to the 1850s.

Entertainment and Events:

The good times roll year-round in Whistler, with many

festivals from June to September. Jugglers, comedians,

 magicians, clowns, mountain-bike stunt riders and a variety

of other  street entertainers bring their talents to the

cobble-stoned streets of Whistler every day.

Don’t miss the annual Oktoberfest in October.

Whistler hosts this celebration of Beer and Bratwurst,

featuring oom-pah-pah bands, dancers and traditional

Oktoberfest fare.

Whistler’s popular Farmers Market is held every Sunday in

the Upper Village from mid June to early October.

 Enjoy live entertainment and shop for local arts and crafts,

and fresh, organic and local produce.  Cornucopia, Whistler’s

Food and Wine Festival in November, attracts world-class

wineries, celebrity chefs, and food connoisseurs to Whistler.

The influence of the First Nations People on their traditional

 lands is celebrated annually every August during Weetama:

Whistler’s Celebration of Aboriginal Culture.

 View an aboriginal artist carve a totem pole, enjoy an

authentic West Coast aboriginal feast, or hear the mythological

interpretations of aboriginal singing and dancing.

 Weetama is rich in culture and an excellent opportunity to

learn more about aboriginal culture in the Whistler area; a

bout the Coast Salish people and their fascinating history,

music, art and dances.

Skiing & Winter Sports in Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains.

 There are several styles of cross-country trails around

Whistler and the wilderness  environment just beyond the

 lifts to the east, north, and west of Whistler/Blackcomb offers

hundreds of ski runs, with a tremendous variety of slopes to

accommodate all levels of skiers and boarders, from

intermediate to expert.

 Additional winter activities include snowshoeing,

snowmobiling, and old style sleigh rides.

Venture into the backcountry with a professional musher and

 his team  of Inuit sled dogs – a truly Canadian experience!

 When it’s cold enough, out come the snow shovels to clear a

 place for ice skating on Alta Lake in Whistler.

 Head for Rainbow Park on Alta Lake Road to find it (and don’t

forget your shovel).

 Indoor ice skating is offered in Whistler’s Alpine Meadows


 Skates are available for rent.

Heli-skiing provides access to the hundreds of runs accessible

 only by helicopter.

The runs vary from expansive glaciers to beautiful subalpine

 open tree runs –depending on the weather conditions – and

vary from 1,400 to 5,000 vertical feet (400m to 1,500m), with

the average runs being approximately 45 minutes.

 The range includes 7,500-ft Spearhead (behind Blackcomb),

 9,000-ft Ipsoot Mountain (north of Whistler), 7,200-ft Powder

Mountain (south west of Whistler Village), and 9,300-ft

Feethurley River Area (north of Pemberton).

To those with an aversion to flight (unless it’s off a cornice)

snow-cat skiing snowboarding can get you into the untracked

backcountry around  Whistler just as effectively as heli-skiing


 More Information on Heli-Skiing around Whistler.

In the summer months, Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains o

ffer a bounty

of outdoor recreation activities.

 The varied terrain of the Vancouver, Coast and Mountains

region accommodates every outdoor recreation known to man,

including alpine sightseeing, mountain biking, hiking,

horseback riding, canoeing and kayaking, river rafting and

jetboating,  mountain climbing, paragliding and hanggliding,

backcountry tours, fishing, world-class golfing, and wildlife


Whistler Blackcomb even offers summer skiing and

snowboarding at elevation 7,600 feet (2,330 metres) on the

high-alpine glaciated snow of Horstman Glacier on Blackcomb


Golf: Whistler has been named one of the top ten golf

destinations in the world.

A fine combination of phenomenal scenery, superb golf

courses and fabulous accommodation attract some of the

 world’s golfing giants to Whistler.

 Top courses include

Chateau Whistler Golf & Country Club, Nicklaus North Golf Club,

 and Whistler Golf & Country Club.

 Top courses nearby are Big Sky Golf & Country Club in Pemberton,

 and Furry Creek Golf & Country Club in Lions Bay,

 between Vancouver and Whistler.

 Golf Packages in Whistler.

Mountain Biking: Whistler is a mountain bike mecca, offering the

 mountain biking enthusiast hundreds of trails to explore,

 including some of the best trails in North America.

 Ride the lifts to the top so you can enjoy breathtaking mountain

 views before commencing the exhilarating descent on

rolling trails along  glacier-fed lakes.

 Push the envelope further by flying in by floatplane to

Callaghan Lake for a 16-km descent on rolling single and

double track to the spectacular  Brandywine Falls.

Crankworx, Whistler’s summer mountain bike festival

 in August, features competitions, demonstrations, and

 plenty of live entertainment.

Mountain bikes are available for rental in Whistler Village.

More information on

Mountain Biking in the Whistler and Sea to Sky area.

Hiking trails and parks in the Whistler and Sea to Sky Corridor

offer  superb hiking  and backpacking opportunities.

 The area boasts old-growth forest, many waterfalls, and

 pristine alpine meadows and lakes.


 Nature walks and hikes can vary from a casual outing to

full-day hikes and multi-day  backpacking trips.


 Heli hiking, alpine hikes, and glacier hikes are also available


More information on

Hiking & Backpacking in the Whistler and Sea to Sky area.

Horseback Riding: There is no better way to see and

experience  the sights and beauty of nature than on



 Take a scenic trail ride through lush old-growth cedar forest

 and out along

 the sandy beach at Green Lake, or enjoy a mountain trail ride

in the alpine on  whistler Mountain, where horseback rides

leave from the top of the Gondola and  meander through

mountaintop trails.


Experienced riders can climb a forest trail high above a glacial

 lake on  half-day, full-day or overnight trips.


 Guided pony rides for kids can be arranged at the Edgewater

Outdoor Centre  on Green Lake.

 More information on

Horse Riding in the Whistler and Sea to Sky area.

Rock Climbing and Ice Climbing:


 The Whistler area boasts an abundance of great rock

climbing; from 600-metre high granite walls to leading edge

sport climbs.


 Many of the best sport climbs are within a short drive of

Whistler Village,  including Blackcomb Peak, Wedge Mountain,

 Joffre Peak, Mount Matier,  the Nordic Bluffs and Cheakamus

Canyon, offering sport climbs of grades 5.6 to 5.14.

 Ice Climbing and multi-day Ice Camps are also based out of

 Whistler Village.


 More information on

Rock Climbing in the Whistler and Sea to Sky area.

Paragliding is certainly the most graceful way to make a

descent of a mountain.

 There’s only one bump to contend with, and that’s when

you touch down.


 Paragliding is a long-standing tradition on Blackcomb

 Mountain’s Seventh Heaven zone.

More information on

 Hanggliding & Paragliding in the Whistler and Sea to Sky area.


Canoeing and Kayaking: Paddlers can set off on one of the

many canoe trips available on the Ryan and Lillooet Rivers,

amidst panoramic scenery and  wildlife environments that

unfold around each bend in the river.


 Visit remote waterfalls, or stop and hike in to explore remote

wetlands and ancient cedar groves.

 A visit to Whistler would not be complete without a paddle down

the River of Golden Dreams.


 More information on

Canoeing & Kayaking in the Whistler and Sea to Sky area.

Click here for More Attractions in Whistler

Did you know that the cast of the “Today Show” visited

 Vancouver Island , Victoria B.C in particular that they came

back again just to make sure they were not dreaming. 

you As Matt Lauer said He couldn’t  understand why anyone

would not want to retire here. 

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Realtor and Resident of Victoria B.C


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