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Fernie B.C. Who would have thought all this beauty in one place

From its boom town status at the turn of the twentieth century to its r

eputation as the Whiskey Gap during the prohibition era of the

1920s, Fernie has inherited a unique and colourful history.

A town with a strong history of coal mining, Fernie was named

after mining magnate William Fernie who helped develop the

town into the  industry’s  largest centre in the Elk Valley region,

after he hadreported a major coal  discovery in 1897 that led to

the formation of the Crowsnest Pass Coal Company.

The founder of the city met a tribe of Indians during one of his

many prospecting trips.

 Enquiring about the source of the shiny black stones that

adorned a necklace worn by the Indian Chieftain’s daughter,

the Chief agreed to reveal the origin in return for  the

prospector agreeing to marrythe princess.

William Fernie never kept his promise, and refused to marry

the princess, whereupon the angered chief put a curse of fire,

flood and famine on the valley.

 On August 15, 1964, Chief Ambrose Gravelle of the Kootenai

tribe, known as Chief Red Eagle, smoked the pipe of peace with

the then  mayor of Fernie to finally lift the Fernie Curse.

Abandoned mines, museums and heritage sites invite visitors to step

back in time to explore the area’s bustling boom years.

 The beauty of the Elk Valley entices campers and hikers, and a

challenging world-class 18-hole golf course sits at the foot of  

towering peaks.

Population: 5,168

Location: Fernie is located on Highway 3 in the extreme  southeastern corner of British Columbia, 15 miles (31 km)

south of Sparwood and 26 miles (42 km) from the Alberta/

British Columbia border.

To the south on Highway 3 is the small sawmill town of



Fernie boasts a world-class ski mountain.

 The Fernie Alpine Resort gets heaped with snow and is

renowned  for its fabulous powder conditions.

 Skiing and Winter Recreation in the BC Rockies.

Experience the thrill of snowcat-skiing and snowmobiling

the terrain is ideal,  leading to panoramic alpine vistas and

powder-filled bowls just waiting for you.

Grab a pair of snowshoes or cross-country skis and explore

powder filled forests,  or hop aboard a dogsled for an

ultimate adventure as you glide past scenic vistas.

The ski area rises about 5 km above the town of Fernie;

you can  see the massive bowls from Main St.

Trails on the lower mountain cut through dense forest.

 Fifty named runs and countless other secret chutes and

gullies drop a total of 2,400 vertical feet (730 m). Experts,

intermediate, and novices can all  get the chance to ski

 powder, since all levels skier can utilize each lift.

Fernie is well patronized by skiers from British Columbia

these savvy skiers  have known about Fernie’s bounty

for years – photographers regularly descend after a major

 snowfall to take those great magazine cover shots.

Mountain biking in Fernie caters to newcomers

experiencing their first-time high, as well as hard-core

muddy madmen pushing the envelope  of extreme

competition, Fernie offers hundreds of miles of beautiful

riding terrain, through the pastoral beauty of the valley’s

farms and ranches,through the  old townsite on the Coal

 Creek Heritage Trail  o lift-accessed exploration of the 

Fernie Alpine Resort’s extensive trail system.


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