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The Kamloops Pow Wow is one of the biggest in the world


A good place to start the Kamloops

 Heritage Walking Tour is at the Men’s

 Christian Hostel on Victoria Street West.


Heritage buildings viewed on this leisurely

two-hour walk include the Federal Building,

constructed in 1900 and the last remaining

 building from Kamloop’s first street, the

Old Court House (1909), and the brick

Royal Bank building completed in 1912.


Meet local and endangered species of

wildlife at the BC Wildlife Park.


The park has 65 BC species including

 Grizzly bears, Timber  wolves, Cougars,

Moose, Mountain goat, Birds of Prey and

 many more, all in the spacious exhibits

 on the beautiful grounds.


The Discovery Centre includes the BC Eco-

Discovery Gallery that  features interactive

fun and learning experiences.


 This gallery allows guests to explore the

unique habitats of the province on which

BC wildlife depend – Rainforest, Grasslands,

 Mountains, Interior Plateaus and the North.



The Kamloops Pow Wow is one of the

 largest gatherings in Western Canada

showcasing First Nation’s culture! Kamloops

Pow Wow is an annual three-day event that

 takes place on the August long weekend

and it attracts performers, competitors, crafters

and artists.


 The Pow Wow is a spectacular expression

of the Secwepemc heritage here in the

 Kamloops area and boasts vibrant display

of storytelling, song, and dance.


The climate in Kamloops makes for perfect

conditions to grow American Ginseng,

thus attracting the Sunmore Ginseng Factory.


 The ginseng product is shipped world

wide to Canadian, North American,

 European and Asian market.


Ttake a free tour of the factory and learn

all about the amazing natural root which

is used to help de-stress and keep your body

 in top condition.


Art is an incredible expression of culture,

people, memories and creative articulation

 for all ages.


 Kamloops has the principal gallery for

 visual arts in the SouthernInterior of

British Columbia.


 Escape from the busy day-to-day happenings

 for an hour and  immerse yourself in an

 atmosphere of inspired creations at the

 Kamloops Art Gallery.



Rocky Mountaineer Vacations® offers

“The Most Spectacular Train Trip in the

World”® with two-day, all daylight train

 excursions between Vancouver, British

Columbia and Jasper, Banff or Calgary,

 with an overnight stay in Kamloops.

Westbound or eastbound departures are

available from mid-April to mid-October.


Forged by hand, the rails carry you through

stunning natural beauty.


 You will marvel at the deep greens of old

growth forest and the emerald waters of

glacial lakes, weaving along historic rail

routes, treating you in unsurpassed service.


 More information on the

 Rocky Mountaineer Rail Circle Tour.



Kenna Cartwright Park encompasses

almost 800 hectacres of Mount Dufferin,

and offers an extensive network of gentle

 nature  trails for hiking or cycling, with

panoramic views of the city, the Thompson

Valley, Kamloops Lake and the convergence of the North

 and South Thompson Rivers.


Wildlife species such as squirrel, bluebird,

hawk, deer, coyote and bear visit and

inhabit the park.


The park is also host to three provincially

 blue-listed (vulnerable)species – the Great

 Basin Spadefoot Toad, Great Basin Gopher

 Snake and Lewis’ Woodpecker, as well

as 1 red-listed (endangered) species –

the Badger.




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