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What if I told you that you could eat the finest chocolate in the world and help animals that are in risk

Denman Island Chocolate has created a special line of

“Flathead Wild” chocolate bars.

Owner, Daniel Terry, said  “The Flathead is a

Noah’s ark for rare and threatened species like

tailed frogs and grizzly bears, and Denman Island

Chocolate is proud to be part of a growing

movement to protect this special

placof ours.”

The chocolate bar wrapper features a photograph

of Flathead mountain goats taken during a recent

RAVE (Rapid Assessment Visual Expedition)

conducted last summer by members of the

International League of Conservation Photographers.

The bars—organic dark chocolate—will be sold

throughout B.C. at select retailers, including the

Nature’s Fare health food chain and SPUD natural

foods delivery.

Denman Island Chocolate is Canada’s first organic

chocolate company, making much-loved dark

chocolate since 1998.

Whether Simply Dark, Zesty Orange, Cool Mint or any of 7 other

flavours, Denman Island Chocolate bars offer a delicious feast to the

tastebuds while minimizing your environmental footprint.

Here is how:

Ingredients are carefully selected from certified organic sources

Packaging is chosen to minimise waste.

The factory itself is a low impact building sited on a wooded acreage

on Denman Island

We especially appreciate the fact that the property has been placed under

a conservation covenant designed to preserve a rare ridgeline ecosystem

that is threatened by development throughout the Gulf Islands.

Deer and diverse native plant species live and grow in the forest

alongside the factory – including arbutus and Douglas fir trees,

rare ferns, calypso orchids (pictured here) and chocolate lilies.


Every year Denman Island Chocolate donates 1% of gross sales to local

conservation groups.


The company has also partnered with environmental organisations on

crucial campaigns.

Flathead Chocolate Helps Grizzlies Two species

that live in the Flathead River Valley are working

hard to help support permanent protection.

As spokes-animals for the Flathead campaign,

photos of the majestic grizzly bear and nimble

mountain goat now grace organic chocolate bars,

with proceeds going towards work to protect their


As the last unsettled low elevation valley in

southern Canada, the Flathead River Valley is

a sanctuary for species that are rare or at-risk

elsewhere in North America.

Located in the south-eastern corner of British

Columbia, adjacent to Waterton-Glacier

International Peace Park, the Flathead is still

home to all the animal species found in the area at

the time of European contact.


Despite its relatively untouched state and the

mining and oil and gas development ban announced

by the B.C. government in February 2010, this area

– and the species found here – are still urgently

in need of permanent protection.

The ban is not legislated and could be overturned

by a future provincial government.


Logging, grizzly trophy hunting, increased road

access, and quarrying still threaten the Flathead

and its remarkable wildlife.


A national park in the south eastern one-third of the

Flathead, next to Waterton-Glacier, the piece

closest to Waterton-Glacier, and a Wildlife

Management Area in the rest of the valley and

adjoining habitat will give the animals found in

the Flathead have an even stronger chance of

adapting to climate change as their ranges shift

due to global warming.


With so much at stake in this remarkable valley,

two species are working hard to help support

permanent protection as spokes-animals for the

Flathead campaign.


Photos of the majestic grizzly bear and nimble

mountain goat now grace organic chocolate bars

made by Denman Island Chocolate, with proceeds

going towards Sierra Club BC and campaign

partners’ work to protect their home.

The grizzly, shown in a photograph by International

League of Conservation Photographers member

Joe Riis, is on the wrapper of the newest bar –

mint-flavoured dark chocolate.


The Flathead is home to the greatest density of

grizzlies in North America, providing both core

habitat and linking north and south populations.

The Flathead River Valley is key to maintaining a

healthy grizzly bear population in the Rocky


High above the valley on steep rocky slopes, the

mountain goat uses its powerful forelimbs and

rough-textured hoof pads to keep out of reach

of most predators.

However, human threats to their habitat are more

difficult to avoid.


Using motion-capture photography, Joe Riis gives

the public a close up look at a baby mountain goat

and its mother, the photo featured on Denman

Island’s Flathead Wild dark chocolate bar.


You can learn more about threats to the Flathead

here and can help by writing a letter in support of

permanent protection of the Flathead.

Denman Island Chocolate bars are available at

retailers across BC or you can purchase a case of 24

Flathead Wild bars for $60 by contacting us at

250-386-5255, ext. 237.





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