Posted by: cherylyoung | February 17, 2012

Dive the Emerald Sea of Vancouver Island

Day 2 – Dive the Emerald Sea of Vancouver Island


Day 2

Dive the Emerald Sea

Cold water divers may encounter a spectacle of aquatic species in B.C’s coastal waters – including the giant Pacific octopus.  This photo of a Giant Pacific Octopus was taken at McCurdy Point in the Saanich Inlet. The octopus was swimming and was just about to ‘land’ when the picture was taken. The posture displayed by this octopus is one of transition. When they are about to land they spread out their legs below them.

The octopus found in our region of the world are the largest found on earth. Jim Cosgrove, a local marine biologist and octopus expert, has seen an octopus that weighed seventy kilograms (one hundred and fifty pounds) and was seven meters long (twenty-three feet). Although they can grow to such an enormous size, it is more common for divers to see them from a few centimeters to about a meter






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