Posted by: cherylyoung | February 18, 2012

Day 6 Motorcycle through the Kootenays



Motorcycle through the Kootenays

There are countless reasons to love the West Kootenay region, steamy hot springs, funky Nuevo-hippie culture, historic mining era towns and lake studded mountains.  For motorcyclists, these are all backdrops to some of the province’s best motorcycling lonesome winding stretches of pavement and biker-friendly communities to boot.

The fiun starts east of Lumby on Highway 6, where the best twisties in B.C lead you through the Monashee Mountains.  At Lower Arrow lake, take the ferry from Needles to Fauquier for a feed of wild local fungi at the Mushroom addition Restraunt.  The attendant at the adjacent gas bar will even squeegee your windscreen and helmet.


One fascinating town after another awaits: Nakusp on Upper Arrow Lake, with its neaby hot springs in the hills; New Denver and slocan on slocan Lake; and Kaslo, home to a popular jazz festival on Kootenay lake.  South p0ast Ainsworth Hot Springs is Taod Rock Motorcycle Campground which caters to riders and hosts a motorcycle rally with live music.

Nest is Nelson, hub of the West Kootenay, with its historic buildings, fine restaurants, organic Kootenay Co-op store, and live music most nights.  Finish your trip on one of B.C’s finest roads: take the ferry at Balfour across Kootenay Lake to Kootenay Bay, then continue on Highway 3A along the lakeshore south to Creston. 



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