Posted by: cherylyoung | February 21, 2012

Whale WatcWhale Watch at Telegraph Cove

Whale Watch at Telegraph Cove

Whale Watch at Telegraph Cove

When the orcas come back to inside waters in late spring, as they have for generations.

They bring continuity to the lives of Vancouver Islanders.

I feel a certain kinship with these killer whales, knowing that my children have grown up on this coast with the offspring of orcas I knew as a youngster.

The expoosive chuff of water and air erupting from the blowholes of killer whales breaking the surface en masse is a natural thrill like no other.

The orcas’ annual return bring visitors from around the world to Telegraph cover a small boardwalk village on northern Vancouver island.

Jim Borrowman of Stubbs Island Whale Watching c0-founded B.C’s whale watching industry in Telegraph Cove in 1980/  His boat operations take visitors out on Johnstone Strait, where they may see the whales spy-hopping or breaching, Onbard naturalists explain that the eerie orca vocalizations braaoadcast through a hydrophone are the exclusive language of particular pods.

Each outing is a natural history lesson delivered in the guise of entertainment.

And with the lesson comes a message: these resident orcas subsist primarily on Chinook salmon, and worldwide climate change is diminishing their prey.

It is Borrowman’s hope that his international clients take home a greater appreciation of how human lifestyles anywhere in the world can affect the survival of orcas on B.C’s coast.

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