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Day 27 Discover Ancient Petroglyphs


Aboriginal artists etched thousands of ancient

petroglyphs into beach bedrock and boulders in

 Coastal b.C and the southern interior. 


 Whether they represent real-life people and animals,

unearthly beings, or constellations is, in may cases,



“In traditional hunter-gather societies, the human

and ‘natural’ worlds are interwoven by threads of

 spiritual power.” Says Grant Keddie, the Royal

 B.C Museum’s curator of archaeology.


 “The natural and supernatural worlds are


Very few museums house B.C’s native rock art, but

petroglyphs can be photographed in their original

 outdoor settings at several sites, notably:

East Sook Park near Victoria, on southern Gabriola

Island, and at Cape Mudge on Quadra Island.


One glyph at a seal birthing area on Hornby Island

looks like whales, chasing seals out of the water. 


 In Sproat Lake Provincial Park outside Port Alberni,

 the petroglyph known as K’ak”awin may depict an

 ancient monster that lived in the lake. 


 Our most famous petroglyph, The Man Who Fell

From Heave, is a deep impression of a human figure

near Matlakatla, a short trip from Prince Rupert.


Aboriginal rock art is legally protected in B.C  At

Petroglyph Provincial Park south of Nanaimo as well

as Nuyumbalees Cultural Centre on Quadra Island and

Gabriola Museum on Gabriola Island, visitors may take

rubbings from replicas of the genuine carving. 


  Wolf-like creatures, fish and other depictions will

appear on cloth or paper that is stretched across the

replica and lightly rubbed with a crayon, charcoal or wax. 


 The reverse imprint makes for a mystical souvenir.


Don’t’ miss Taking a dip in Sproat Lake after viewing

 the enigmatic K’ak’awin Indian Rock Carvings of the

 Pacific Northwest Coast by Beth Hill.

(Hancock House 1989)




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