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Day 28 of BC A DAY AT A TIME

Day 28 of BC a Day at a Time…Boat Up Bute Inlet

Boat up Bute Inlet

As I zip up my survival suit. 

I know this will be no ordinary boat ride,  But then,

Bute Inlet is no ordinary destination.


 The deep fiord, which carves 75 kilometres into the

Coast Mountains north of the Strait of Georgia, is one

of the province’s wildest more remote attractions. 


We begin our journey from Lund, the terminus of

 Highway 101, up the Sunshine Coast. 


 As we pass Desolation Sound Marine Provincial

Park Kayakers and recreational boaters wave as they

 bob in the sheltered waters. 


 But beyond Stuart Island, at the opening to Bute

Inlet, their numbers dwindle. 


 We pass a seal and her pups on a floating log,

 then we are alone.

Only the boat’s wake stirs the teal blue waterway. 

Waterfalls streak the steep granite cliffs that flank the inlet. 


 There’s a chill in the air now and the light bow spray

on my face makes me shiver. 


 A Lavender sky warns of rain as an eagle rides an

 updraft then disappears into the mist.


At the head of Bute Inlet, where the Homathko and

Southgate rivers meet, mountains rise from the ocean’s

 edge like giants from their beds. 


 We turn our eyes upward for one final reward: 4.016

metre Mount Waddington the highest peak entirely

 within B.C., about 50 kilometres inland- the enormous

Homathko Ice field.


Rob Wood, who used to guide visitors up the Bute and

 is among the elite climbers who have reached Waddington’s

 summit, chose to make his home at the inlet’s mouth.


“The size of the mountains and their proximity to the

 ocean is bigger, grander and more magnificent than

anywhere else on the B.C coast,  he says”possibly more

 so than in any other fiord in the world.”


Info (

B6y Jane Nahirny  From (British Columbia Magazine)


That which you create in beauty and goodness and

truth lives on for all time to come. Don’t spend your

live accumulating material objects that will

only turn to dust and ashes.

Have you met Ollie our mascot, or also known as

Ollie from BC A Day At A Time








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