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Day 53 Pay Homage To The Giant Cheewhat Giant

Day 53 Pay Homage To The Giant Cheewhat Giant

Long Description:

Less than 100 km, as the eagle flies, from Sooke lives

Canada’s largest known tree, the Cheewhat

Lake Cedar.


This Western red cedar

(Thuja plicata – thoo-yuh ply-kay-tuh)

is 18.34 m/60.2 ft in circumference and 55.5 m/182 ft

in height.


It is the second largest known tree of its type on

the planet.

The largest cedar is the Quinault Lake Cedar on the

Olympic Peninsula over the Juan de Fuca Strait

from Sooke.


Thanks James Younger for this picture.

After a hike to the Cheewhat Lake Cedar, tree

pilgrims  are often left feeling speechless.


It is difficult to achieve a sense of proportion around

such a massive living thing.


The Cheewhat Cedar is often described as

”a wall of wood.”


This wall is old, with estimates ranging upwards of

2500 years, and still growing.

Vancouver Island is in the middle of Western red

cedar range.


The island is prime territory for these slow growing

long lived, droopy, fragrant trees.


Fittingly, the Western red cedar is British Columbia’s

official tree.

Genus/Species: Western Red Cedar

Height: 182

Girth: 60

Method of obtaining height: Reliable source Method of obtaining girth: Reliable source

Location type: Park

Age: 2500

Historical significance:

With much of Vancouver Island having been logged

two or three times, these giants are now rare.


Luckily, this tree is protected within the boundaries of

Pacific Rim National Park.

Website reference: [Web Link] Parking coordinates: N 48° 41.562 W 124° 44.154 Walk time: 20 Photograpy coordinates: N 48° 41.7 W 124° 44.376 Planter: Not listed

Visit Instructions:

A closeup picture of your GPS receiver in your hand,

with the tree in the background, is required.


If the tree is on private property, this closeup

photograph with the tree in the background may be

taken from the nearest public vantage point without

actually going to the tree.

The required photograph does not need to show the

entire tree, but the individual  tree must be


I hope that everyone is enjoying this blog as much as

I am and believe me when I say you won’t be

disappointed the Best is yet to come.


Don’t forget Dec 26 is the date of our Girlfriends

getaway to B.C  You’ll love it.


Cheryl Young

Pemberton Holmes Realtor


Cheryl holmes young

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