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Take a trip back to the goldrush days in British Columbia

to the Gold Rush days

Barkerville is a historic gold rush town at the

foothills of the Cariboo Mountains in BC.


Today, one can walk down the street meandering

through museums, general stores, and hotels

alongside “characters” from the past who are

dressed in 1800’s attire.


When I got to Barkerville, I was happy to find a lot

of really great, unexpected things to do –like

panning for gold, buying a cold Root Beer at the

Confectionary Store and eating ginger beef and

chicken balls at the Chinese Restaurant.


You can also take guided tours of the town given

by the “characters” or go for an authentic

stagecoach ride.

A great find was to spend a night at Carol’s Kelly

House Bed & Breakfast located right in the Historic

Town of Barkerville.


With a promise of a fluffy duvet and a homemade

breakfast in the morning –how could I turn it down?


After a solid night sleep in a comfortable bed, I

woke up to women from  the “1800s” making me



Apricot scones were baking in the oven, while

preserves, a cheese omelette and fruit salad were

ready and waiting on the china-set table.


Check it out… and stay a while.

Leave yourself lots of time to explore Barkerville.


There are many things to do in this historic town none

of which will make you feel cheated.


For example you can walk up to many of the buildings

and read information on what they housed.


You can go into the St. Saviour’s Anglican Church and

take in a service.


Go to the candy stores and stock up on the snacks that

Barkerville  offers.


Enjoy a delicious lunch at the Goldfield Bakery where

the Fat Johns are fresh and very tasty.


If you are feeling thirsty then stop in one of the many

saloons to enjoy a refreshing root beer or any other

beverage of choice.


Make your way to Chinatown to eat at the Lung Duck Tong



There are a couple of things that you can not miss

when you are in Barkerville:


The courthouse sessions in Richfield and a live

performance at the Theatre Royal.


Richfield is just over 1 km from Barkerville which you

can either  walk and read the interpretive signs along

the way or take a horse   and carriage ride.

Leave yourself time to get to Richfield as you do not

want to show up late.


Once you are there enjoy the session as you get a view

into the  history of law and justice in the area.


The shows at Theatre Royal are amazing to see.


They run sixteen shows a week and up to three different

shows in a day.


The actors are incredibly talented with a wide range

of skills;  don’t be surprised if you find yourself

participating in some of the   routines as you feel the

energy from the entertainers.


Enjoy Barkerville for the entire day and you will

certainly not be disappointed. 


If you are interested in staying for more than a day,

there are  three bed and breakfasts on site each giving

you a feel for life in  Barkerville.

Then as they said in those days mosey on over to

Cottonwood House a restored provincial heritage site,

is one of the oldest buildings still standing in interior

British Columbia.


Constructed on the Cariboo Waggon Road between

1864 and 1865, Cottonwood House served miners and

travellers heading to  Barkerville and the Cariboo



John Boyd acquired this roadhouse in 1874, and the

Boyd family  operated the roadhouse, as well as a fully

operational ranch,  until 1951.


In addition to the old guesthouse, structures at the

site include  a barn, stables, and other outbuildings.


There is a gift store, general store and coffee shop with

picnic  lunches available.


You’ll also find an interpretive centre and displays of

old farming equipment.


In summer, visitors can tour the property with guides

in period  costumes, or ride a replica stage coach.

Cottonwood used to serve as a telegraph office for the

Overland Telepgraph, and some of its poles and wires

are still visible.


Visiting this wonderfully preserved and restored pioneer

farm is  an ideal way to start your adventure to



You’ll be standing amid surroundings that tangibly

present what it was like to live in the Cariboo when the

first farms and ranches  were being established.


There is a small admission charge to view the house,

which is open from May to September.


Camping is available at Historic House,

provided you are self-contained. Cottonwood House

is situated between the Cottonwood River and

Highway 26, 28 km east of Quesnel, and 40 minutes’

driving time  from historic Barkerville.

Contact details:

Cottonwood House Historic Site 4660 Barkerville Highway Quesnel, BC V2J 2R3


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