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Day 62 Shop at Goats on a roof at Coombs B.C

Day 62 Shop at Goats on a roof at Coombs B.C


A popular stopping point for tourists on the way

to the west coast,the little village of Coombs is dotted

with several heritage buildings, small gift and craft

shops and antique stores.


Coombs is also known for the family of goats nimbly

grazing on the grass rooftop of the  Coombs

 Old Country Market.

Coombs was established at the turn of the twentieth

 centuryby  families who arrived as part of the

Salvation Army’s  immigration  program, a humanitarian

 scheme that brought nearly a quarter of a  million

 poor English and Welsh to Canada.


A handful of families settled here around 1910 under the

leadership  of the Salvation Army’s Ensign Crego.


The community was named after the Army’s Canadian

 Commissioner, Captain Thomas Coombs.


Parksville on Vancouver Island.


Location: Coombs is located on the Port Alberni/Tofino

 Highway 4, 5.5 miles (9 km) west.


Be sure to stop in to the Coombs General Store, which

 has been  serving every need of the community

 since 1910.


The Coombs Emporium and Frontier Town will keep

everyone entertained and excited.


July is the time for Old West activities at the Coombs

RodeoGround; an old time fiddlers jamboree, a bluegrass

 festival, andthe Annual Coombs Rodeo.


The annual Coombs Country Arts & Crafts Fair is held

 in mid July at the Coombs Rodeo Ground.


Visitors come for the arts, crafts, concessions,

 entertainment, and many other exciting demonstrations.

Butterfly World and the Emerald Forest Bird Garden

are popular attractions where you can stroll amongst

hundreds of exotic butterflies flying free in an indoor

tropical rainforest.


Witness the entire life cycle of these amazing insects.


Spectacular flowering plants and foliage, fascinating birds,

waterfalls and streams all contribute to make this a

 photographer’s paradise and a truly memorable

 experience for the entire family.


The World Parrot Refuge in Coombs provides a

“home for life” for previously owned pet parrots.


This educational facility is dedicated to the health and

well being of parrots, and is open to the public to raise

 awareness of the growing problems of parrots in captivity.


The refuge has created a more natural environment for

 the birds, with 23,000 square feet of indoor, heated,

free-flight aviaries, and 16,000 square feet of easily

accessed outdoor flights for the warmer months.


The World Parrot Refuge is located at 2116 Alberni



Hamilton Marsh provides natural habitat for such

marsh birds and is particularly active in spring and fall

with migrations of ducks and geese.


Woodland trails from the small parking lot lead you to

 and around the marsh, with a viewing platform for

 closer observation of marsh inhabitants.


Hamilton Marsh is located approximately 4 km north of

 Coombs on South Hilliers Road, just off the

 Alberni Highway 4.

The Little Qualicum Spawning Channel on the Little

Qualicum River is accessed via Melrose Road.

Turn north off Highway 4, 3.5 miles (6 km) west of

Coombs, and follow the signs to the hatchery.


Over 4 million chinook salmon are raised annually, with

 the best visiting times being February to June and

October to November.


This hatchery is not to be confused with the big Qualicum

Falls Hatchery, located on the Qualicum River north of

Horne Lake. Golf: There are no fewer than 6 world-class

golf courses in the nearby Parksville and Qualicum Bay

 area, and the pleasant, sunny climate means play

 continues year-round.


Select from the Morningstar Golf Club in Parksville,

or Arrowsmith Golf & Country Club, Eaglecrest Golf

Club, Glengarry Golf Links, and Qualicum Beach

Memorial Golf Course in Qualicum Beach.


 Golf Vacations on Vancouver Island.

Spend an afternoon lazing on the beach at the Cameron

 Lake Recreation Site, surrounded by mountains and

 forests in the Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park on

 Highway 4, 7 miles (12 km) west of Coombs.


 Facilities at the lake include picnic sites, a boat Launch

(private), and campsites (private and provincial).


Cameron Lake is stocked with rainbow and cutthroat

 trout, and offers good fishing through summer.


Anglers can test their fly fishing skills on the lake’s brown

trout, often the most difficult of trout to catch in B.C.


Strong winds blow here in the afternoon, which attracts

windsurfers but definitely deters those in small boats.


Boaters and paddlers should take note of the strong and

sudden gusts of wind often experienced on Cameron Lake.


At the west end of Cameron Lake is the Beaufort Picnic

Site, another fine location for picnicking and swimming

adjacent to the campground in the Little Qualicum Falls

 Provincial Park.


 Picnic tables are arranged beside the beach. Cameron

Lake is bordered by steep mountains: Mt. Wesley to the

north and Mt. Arrowsmith to the south.


 Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park straddles the scenic

Little Qualicum River, where impressive waterfalls

cascade and plummet down a rocky gorge in a beautiful

 forest setting.


This magnificent 440-hectare park is a popular family

recreation area, and is perhaps the most magnificent

park on Vancouver Island, Little Qualicum Falls

incorporates the entire southern shore of Cameron

Lake, adjacent to MacMillan Provincial Park and the

 awesome Cathedral Grove Rainforest.


MacMillan Provincial Park is famous for Cathedral Grove,

one of the most accessible stands of giant Douglas-fir trees

in British Columbia.


 Some of these trees are 800 years old, and walking the

 trails through this virgin coastal forest can be quite

 an inspirational experience.


Loop trails on either side of the highway lead awe-struck 

visitors through the mighty forest stands.


The south loop showcases the largest Douglas-fir trees,

with the biggest one measuring over 9 metres in



The trail on the northern side of the road winds through

groves of ancient Western Red Cedar to the shores of

 Cameron Lake. 


The 136-hectare park is located on Highway 4 on the

 shores of Cameron Lake, 7.5 miles (20 km) west of Coombs.


Englishman River Falls Provincial Park, situated along 

the Englishman River, features a spectacular canyon

 between two beautiful waterfalls cascading along

 the descending riverbed.


This 97-hectare park offers several walking trails that

 meander through lush old-growth forests of cedar,

 arbutus, fir, maple and hemlock along the

Englishman River. 


Gaze up among the tall timbers where fingers of sunlight

 slant down to the ferns below.


You’ll find vehicle/tent sites and there’s great picnicking,

summer swimming and a 2-mile walking trail that

passes through a stand of maple trees to an impressive

 waterfall and gorge.


Located 3.5 miles (6 km) south of nearby Errington.


The Mount Arrowsmith area offers good hiking and

rock climbing, with breathtaking views of Vancouver



The trailhead for the Arrowsmith Trail is at the Cameron

Lake picnic site, and winds up to the 6,000-foot summit

 in the Mount Arrowsmith Regional Park.


The hike is strenuous, and do not set off without a

 trail map! 


Evidence of a forest fire that roared through here 300

years ago is still visible on the thick bark of the tallest

 Douglas fir, and windstorms during the winter of 1997

 toppled hundreds of trees.


 Located 7.5 miles (12 km) west of Coombs on the Alberni

 Highway 4.


Fishing: There’s excellent bank casting for rainbow and

 cutthroat trout on the Englishman River, either near the

 river mouth on the Strait of Georgia near Parksville or

in Englishman River Falls Provincial Park. 


There’s a steelhead run as well in the river.


Unfortunately, a decline in salmon stocks in BC has

 forced closures on fishing for a number of species, so

be sure to check in advance.


Over the past century, brown trout have been

 successfully introduced to a number of Vancouver

 Island rivers, such as the Little Qualicum.


The best access to the river for bank casting is at Little

Qualicum Falls Provincial Park. 


You’ll also find good trolling and boat casting in Cameron

Lake, part of which also lies within the park.


There’s a boat launch at the picnic grounds on Cameron



Hiking: Both Englishman River Falls and Little Qualicum

 Falls Provincial Parks have rambling trails that lead beside

 the clear waters of these pristine rivers.


 A walk to the falls is a big part of a visit to either park.


To the east of Coombs is the seaside resort town of Parksville.


Bordered by ocean and sheltered by mountains,

 Parksville boasts some of the finest beaches in Canada,

 including those at Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park.


 When the tide goes out in Parksville, it leaves hundreds

 of metres of firm golden sand – internationally acclaimed

as the best building material for sandcastles!


Directly north of Coombs is another seaside pleasureland.


Steeped in a quaint British heritage, modern day

Qualicum Beach offers visitors the same gentle countryside

 and golden, seemingly endless sandy beaches as

Parksville, plus 4 top golf courses.


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