Posted by: cherylyoung | March 1, 2012

Day 69 we are off to tour the Comox Valley.

Day 69 we are off to tour the Comox Valley.



There are places on earth with an almost mystical

capacity to draw us to inspire us, and to evoke a quality

 of spirit and creativity that becomes a part of us.


The Comox Valley, on Vancouver Island British

 Columbia, is such a place where the sights, sounds and

attractions convey – this is a destination like no other.


With rich culinary bounty from land & sea, over

 50 arts, music and sporting events & festivals a year,

and stunning alpine to ocean resorts & spas; this place

lends itself more easily to inspiration and exploration

than others.


It’s a place of supernatural beauty that offers rich

cultural and outdoor experiences, and perhaps most

importantly, it is a place for flat out fun


The Comox Valley is one of the most beautiful places

on Vancouver Island. Positioned on the East Cost of

Vancouver Island the Comox Valley is the recreational

capital of Canada.


Visitors to the area can experience some of the finest

 sport fishing, skiing, hiking, golfing, camping and just

 about all other forms of recreation imaginable.


There are numerous restaurants ranging from fine

 dining to cafes, diners, ethnic foods, and the large

 variety of fast food outlets.


I know your time here is not long but this is the perfect

 opportunity to do research for a longer visit in

the future





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