Posted by: cherylyoung | March 1, 2012

Every once in a while you meet a real life hero

One of the perks of my position as a front desk attendant at the Best Western Plus Emerald Isle in Sidney BC is that I have the priveleg to meet some of the most remarkable people that I would not have the opportunity to know and Norm and Joan Rattray are two of those people.

EDITOR’S NOTE: From the Webiste One of the great benefits of working on my various WWII and military newsletters and websites is the almost daily surprises that appear in my mailbox and over the phone. Awhile back I had a call from RCN vet, Able Seaman Norman Rattray, of Don Mills. Mr. Rattray served on the H.M.C.S. Prince Robert in the Pacific at the same time as my dad from May 4, 1945 to November 12, 1945. He was thrilled to see the many pictures of the PR on my Prince Robert sites, as his collection of navy photos had disappeared many years ago. Of special interest was the one of him on sentry duty on the Prince Robert in Hong Kong Harbour – and until now, unidentified in my collection.

Norman Rattray: Sentry Duty on the Prince Robert docked at Kowloon
Norman Rattray: Sentry Duty on the Prince Robert docked at Kowloon Click on photo for large image

Featured in this month’s AS YOU WERE… is a preview of a few of the memories that Norman has so generously shared with us through his scrapbook of personal letters, anecdotes, photos and clippings. Much more of this memorabilia will soon be featured at our HMCS Prince Robert site in the Vet’s Section

I am convinced that Norm Rattray was one of the young servicemen that brought both my uncles back from Japan where they were prisoners of war. 

 Thank You Norm I’m sure that most of us are somehow connected to someone you helped bring home to us.

My uncles Steve and Wilford Maloof

before they shipped out to serve

their country.

I am proud to have met both Norm and Joan

and I would like

to wish them a Happy 60th wedding anniversay.



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