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The friendly residents of the small coastal settlement of Sayward


The friendly residents of the small coastal settlement of Sayward

 on Kelsey Bay live in a spectacular natural environment in the

Sayward Valley of North Vancouver Island.

Logging is the primary industry in the area around Sayward

 and Kelsey Bay, but tourism continues to grow and gain in



 Outdoor recreation includes caving, kayaking, hiking,

whale watching, and wildlife viewing.

First settled as Port Kusum in the 1890s, at the mouth of the

 Salmon River overlooking Johnstone Strait, the settlement

 was officially named Sayward in 1911, after William Parsons

Sayward,  a carpenter and lumber merchant who moved

from California to Victoria in 1858, becoming a very successful

lumberman on the Island.

Although he never visited the Sayward area, the government

of the day decided he deserved some honour and so named

 the community after him.


When the first settlers arrived, there was a small First Nations

village on the Salmon River. By 1917, the village was empty

and today the reserve is unoccupied, with most of the

descendants living in nearby communities.

The wharf at Kelsey Bay was once the southern terminus for the

e B.C. Ferries Inside Passage route until 1978, when Highway 19 was

 extended north to Port Hardy, but is now a convenient stopping

 point for sport fishing and eco-tourism.

 Fresh seafood is often available from one or more boats tied up

at the federal wharf.

As with all communities on northern Vancouver Island, Sayward

 was only easily accessible by water in the past.

It was not until after World War II that a gravel road connected

Sayward with Campbell River, and not until 1979 that a paved

 road connected the North Island.

Population: 410

Location: The community of Sayward is located on the east coast

of north Vancouver Island, British Columbia, accessed by a 10-km

 paved road off the Island Highway 19.

 Travel time along the Island Highway 19 to Sayward is under

 one hour from Campbell River in the south, and about 2 hours

 from Port Hardy to the north. Sayward can also be reached by boat at





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