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Canada Place B.C A legacy of Canada as a National Icon

Canada Place B.C A legacy of Canada as a National Icon

Anchoring the downtown Vancouver

 waterfront is Canada Place.


 Our brilliant white sails welcome you to

 experience a taste of Canada here on the

West Coast.

Welcome Centre

Upon arrival to Canada Place, visit the

 Welcome Centre located in the Main Plaza.


 You can’t miss the giant maple leaf,

where Canada Place Ambassadors are

 available to answer your questions,

 provide information about our facility

 and exciting events taking place.


Canada’s Storyboard

Experience the diversity and beauty of our

 nation right at Canada Place.

 Mounted on the front of Canada Place, Canada’s

Storyboard is a 14 x 25 foot LED high

 definition video screen featuring iconic

 Canadian content, celebrating the Canadian spirit.

Canada’s Storyboard features great Canadian

moments in history, fun facts, scenic shots

of our diverse geographic regions and

 inspiring visual displays of our cultural



Watch for key information such as what’s

 on at Canada Place, Cruise Ships in Port

 and Community Events in and around

 Canada Place.


For content inquiries or ideas, please

contact us at

For advertising opportunities, please

 contact Barb Welsh at

 Outdoor Broadcast Network.

The Canada Place Pier

One of the most beautiful areas at Canada

 Place is the bustling promenade walkway

 known as the Canada Place Pier.


 Stroll along the west side of the facility

 for a taste of what makes Canada truly

 remarkable: Ocean views and our country’s

 busiest harbour, awe-inspiring mountains,

 towering trees as far as the eye can see,

 all enveloped by a bustling urban city.


 Wander the Canada Place Pier, to the North

 End Pointe for incredible view points and

photo opportunities.


From April to October, luxurious cruise

 ships set sail from Canada Place en route

 to Alaska.


Upwards of 900,000 passengers experience

 this popular cruise each year beginning

 from Canada Place.


The Canadian Trail

Opening Spring 2010.


 Located on the Canada Place Pier, the

 Canadian Trail is a unique walk across

 Canada, using surface tiles and coloured

glass to depict our vast and diverse country.

 As you travel along the Trail, search out

 familial roots or marvel at some of Canada’s

uniquely named cities.


 The Canada Place Pier is divided into 13

equal sections to represent our 10 provinces

 and 3 territories.


 Do you know where Joe Batt’s Arm is located?

 Can you find Old Crow along the Trail?


 How did Moonbeam get its name?


 Visit the Canadian Trail at Canada Place

 and find out.



Sails of Light

The Sails of Light is a visual event illuminating

 Canada Place to tell Canada’s story.


 Watch as Canada Place’s iconic sails shine

 with extravagant colour, displays and



 Viewable from the west side of Canada Place,

 prime viewing locations include Stanley Park,

 the Coal Harbour Seawall, the Vancouver

Convention Centre West, the North Shore

 and waterways.


Beginning Spring 2010, the Canadiana Sails

 of Light will be featured nightly on the sails.


 A truly Inspirationally Canadian experience,

 the Sails of Light represents Canada’s

diverse and tremendous landscape from

coast to coast.


Who We Are

We cherish what this country represents.


 Freedom. Respect. Community.


We love our role in nurturing this spirit of



We do it with pride.

 And we are committed to

 upholding the legacy of Canada Place

 as a nation landmark.





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