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This definately goes to the top of my bucket list,

This definately goes to the top of my bucket list,

What about the Lady in your life?


A long, narrow island, and the driest in the Gulf Island

chain, Galiano Island was named after the Spanish

explorer Dionisio Galiano who sailed these waters

in 1792.

Galiano Island is the second largest of the Gulf Islands,

after Saltspring Island.


Galiano Islanders move at their own easy pace, respecting

and protecting a fragile environment which is home to

over 130 species of birds and many rare and protected



Rich in history and beauty, Galiano has been called

The Jewel of the Strait of Georgia.

For thousands of years before Europeans arrived, the

Coast Salish aboriginal people had lived here, gathering

a rich variety of foods from its forests and shores.


There are seven major islands in the southern half of the

Strait of Georgia

Among them, Galiano Island has always enjoyed the

reputation as being the most welcoming to visitors.

This is due in large part to the limited amount of

farmland  on Galiano in comparison to other islands.


Of necessity, early settlers here opened their homes to

tourists as a way of earning a living.


Despite being the first stop off the Tsawwassen ferry,

Galiano Island retains an undeveloped, secluded


Dedicated residents have worked hard to protect the

natural features that extend along the island’s narrow,

19-mile (30-km) length.


The community and its supporters have purchased

several areas as ecological reserves, including Mt. Galiano,

Mt. Sutil and more recently, Bodega Ridge, whose rocky

Bluff is unique in Western Canada.


These eco-sensitive areas will be kept as forests in

perpetuity by the Galiano community for the enjoyment

of all.


Today, Galiano is the hub for sea-kayak trips and the site

of Montague Harbour Marine Provincial Park, one of the

largest provincial parks on any of the islands.


Galiano Island has the most dedicated park land of all

the Southern Gulf Islands.


There are seven beautiful parks, and miles of old logging

trails and country lanes.


There’s literally something here for everyone, whether

you’re beachcombing or birdwatching, walking or hiking,

mountain biking or horseback riding – it’s the perfect


History of Galiano Oceanfront Inn and Spa

The Gem of Galiano Island…

The Galiano Oceanfront Inn and Spa has been operating

as a special place to stay on Galiano Island since the early

part of the last century.

Standing proudly in its choice waterfront location, it has

long been a prominent island landmark – the first place

arriving guests and islanders see when they approach

by ferry.


In the 1930’s, an English seaman purchased the property,

and began inviting guests to stay, operating it as a resort

named “Greenways”.


In the early 1950’s, a fire claimed the old Tudor style

building, leaving only the stone verandah and steps

still standing.


The owners at that time – Margaret and Fred Robson

– built a new home on the same site, as well as a

fashionable “motor court” that served family and fishing

holiday guests  for many happy years.

The resort enjoyed a reputation as one of the foremostt

fishing resorts on the West Coast, at a time when the

salmon runs were at their peak.

In 2000, the resort was purchased by new owners who

  began its transformation into the delightful fusion of

form and function that welcomes guests today.

A passion for perfection and a commitment to walking

softly on the land inspired the design, the architecture,

and the physical structure of the buildings.


The style and quality of the finishings, the furnishings,

and the extensive gardens showcase, at every turn, the

attention to excellence that is the hallmark of the resort,

its owners, Mel Gibb and Conny Nordin, and its

dedicated staff.

Today the resort property features intimate luxurious

facilities, all thoughtfully designed and furnished to

refresh,  relax and inspire.


  Guests and visitors from all over the world have remarked

on the attention to detail everywhere that, hand-in-hand

with the superior customer service provided by the staff,

elevates the guest experience from pleasant to



With ten oceanfront  suites, an intimate oceanside

restaurant,  a beautiful full service European style spa,

intriguing wine and gift shop, and extensive gardens

stretching to the shore of the eternal sea, you may wander

to your heart’s ease and  delight.


Rock gardens and waterfalls, ponds and garden plantings to

discover: an herb garden for the chef, greenhouses,

perennial  gardens, even a special spot to meditate or

practice yoga.


Here nature reigns supreme, with decks and fences built

around tree limbs and trunks to leave them undisturbed.

And yes ladies you can thank me after Mother’s Day

when you have had your special gift. 

I would love to hear how you enjoyed this piece of







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