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Princess Louisa Inlet And the Chatterbox falls areone of the most splendid trips you can take in BC

Princess Louisa Inlet And the Chatterbox falls are

 one of the most splendid trips you can take in BC

Princess Louisa Marine Provincial Park

on the Sunshine Coast has a charm and

scenic beauty that must be seen and

experienced to be fully appreciated.

Voted the “most scenic natural anchorage”

in the world, the marinepark is located

in the Princess Louisa Inlet and is

accessible by boat or plane only –

there are no public roads.

The only entrance to the marine park is

through the Strait of Georgia by way of

Jervis Inlet, 90 km north of

Skookumchuck Narrows.

This 65-hectare park offers a unique

setting with tranquil waters surrounded

by a magnificent granite-walled gorge.

Cut by a glacier, the walls rise to heights

in excess of 2,100 metres.


Until mid-June, the warm sun melting

the mountain snow creates more than

sixty waterfalls that cascade and spume

down precipitous walls to mingle with

the waters of Princess Louisa Inlet below.

Tumbling 45 metres at the head of the

inlet is the beautiful Chatterbox Falls,

one of the most visited and celebrated

nautical destinations in British Columbia.


Princess Louisa Inlet, referred to as

Suivoolot or “sunny and warm” by

natives, serves an active part in native

lore for groups such as the Sechelt


As placid as a mountain lake, the ocean

waters of Princess Louisa Inlet move

constantly with the tides, but currents

are practically non-existent except for

the seven to ten-knot Malibu Rapids

at the entrance.


The area surrounding Chatterbox Falls

was originally purchased by James F.

MacDonald in 1927 and passed on to the

non-profit Princess Louisa International

Society in 1953, so that “all may enjoy its

peace and beauty”.

After years of guardianship by the Society,

the park’s administration was given over

to the Government of the Province of BC

for all to enjoy.


The park was created on June 24, 1965.


There are 800 metres of trails/boardwalks

located at Chatterbox Falls.


Outside the park is a nearby hiking trail

to Trappers Cabin that takes approximately

2 hours and is somewhat dangerous

and difficult.


It is approximately 7 hours to the alpine

and another half day to the icefield.


These trails are recommended for

experienced mountaineers only.


Other attractions in the park are the

mountain goats, alpine meadows and

native petroglyphs.

This spectacular park contains 10 walk-in

tent sites available at Mcdonald Island

and at Chatterbox Falls. Visiting boats

can moor at the floats.


During the high-use season, usage may be

limited to 72 hours only.

Canoeing and kayaking provides a

wonderful perspective from which to view

both scenery and wildlife.


A hiking and walking trail enables visitors

to view and appreciate the natural beauty

of the royal fjord from the tranquility

of its shoreline.


MacDonald Island is accessible by dinghy.


Facilities include campsites, a picnic

shelter, toilets and a ranger cabin.

Boating facilities provided include

mooring buoys, stern pins, a boat dock

and a dinghy dock.


Princess Louisa Marine Provincial Park

is located approximately 38 miles (60 km)

northeast of Powell River on the

BC Sunshine Coast.

Egmont is a convenient and popular

departure point for cruises up Jervis Inlet

and Queens Reach to Princess Louisa Inlet

and the Chatterbox Falls, one of the most

splendid trips you can take in BC, to the

tranquil paradise tucked into the

Coast Mountains




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