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The Centre of the Universe in Kamloops,

British Columbia

There are many interesting sites you can visit in the

Kamloops area and one of them is a short trip to the

Centre of the Universe.


History of the Centre of the Universe

Over 25 years ago, in 1980 on a snowy November day,

a mysterious man dressed completely in white robes

arrived at Vidette Lake in Deadman Valley 30

kilometres east and 50 kilometers north of Kamloops.


He claimed to have found the Centre of the Universe

and introduced himself to the then owner of the

Vidette Lake Gold Mine Resort in Kamloops, British



Not knowing what was happening, the owner replied

“Welcome my friend,” and invited him into his cabin,

a former 1860′s Fur Trading Post.


The mysterious man turned out to be an apprentice

monk who had been sent from San Francisco to

verify the existence of the Centre of the Universe.

Tibetan monks believe that the Centre of the Universe

is located on the earth and using a series of tests,

it can  be verified.


The Rinpoche, or Master Teacher, in San Francisco

had simply pointed to a location on a map that he had

never seen and claimed that it was the spot.


He then sent the apprentice to the Kamloops area

and on to Vidette Lake to conduct a series of tests.

This was the white-robed man who showed up

in 1980.


Once the apprentice monk had conducted a few tests

and it was determined that this could very well be the

Centre of the Universe, he returned to report back to

his Master Teacher.


The next visit that occurred was in 1984 and this

time the Master Teacher and an entourage of

followers  attended.


At the end of the tests including the calming of

spirits by burning aromatic fuel in a fire, it was

verified that this spot, on top of a grassy knoll with

a commanding view of the valley and lake, was the

Centre of the  Universe.


Vidette Lake Tests that passed when verifying the

authenticity of the Centre of the Universe included

geographic characteristics, shaped like the prow of a

ship, pointed south, and sloping from

northdownwards to the south.


Other tests include the spontaneous starting of a

fire without an ignition source and the sounds

of choral singing.


In 1988, a small but high-ranking group of monks

arrived to try to convince the owner of the Vidette

Lake Gold Mine Lodge to donate the land and even

made initial arrangements to have  the Dalai Lama

who happened to be in Seattle at the time,to visit by



When a deal could not be reached to acquire the

landand resort, the monks called off the visit.


Since 1980, monks and others seeking to become

enlightened, pay their respects, and/or to satisfy

their curiosity, continue tovisit the site.


The site is said to emit power from at least three

spots within a seven meter diameter and many feel

it could be a much larger area.


Ironically, unbeknownst to the monks, this site had

been a special place for the local First Nations

people to visit for over two hundred years.


Getting to the Centre of the Universe The trip from

Kamloops takes about 1 ¼ hours and the drive

follows beautiful Kamloops  Lake, up through the

equally scenic Deadman Valley and on to Vidette



  Worth combining in a full-day trip would be a

visit to an abandoned gold mine, Deadman Falls

and an oldpioneer abandoned homestead near the

top of theDeadman Creek road.


Tours should be arranged at the Vidette Lake

GoldMine Resort as there are no signs identifying the

Centre of the Universe site,falls or homestead.


Please note there is a $10 admission charge to view

the Centre of the Universe.: 1-800-662-1994




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