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The peaceful and undeveloped Toba Inlet provides almost total isolation for those who venture into its pristine waters and forests

The beautifully scenic Toba Inlet is a deep fjord on

 the unspoiled west coast of British Columbia.

The inlet carves its way many miles inland, cutting

 deep into the magnificent Coast Mountains that rise

 as an imposing backdrop.

Surrounded by majestic snow-capped mountain


 Toba Inlet is fed by glacial waters, with the glacial

 silt colouring the inlet’s waters a fabulous shade

 of jade green.

The Coast Mountain Range, which begins on the

North Shore of Vancouver and sweeps north along

 the British Columbia coast and through Alaska, is

the tallest range in North America, and among the

 most heavily glaciated.

The Coast Mountains divide the coast from BC’s

 Interior, creating an isolated wilderness region and

 a paradise for outdoor adventurers.

Toba Inlet lies within the traditional lands of the

 Klahoose First Nation, a northern Coast Salish tribe

 that maintained seasonal and permanent villages in

 the region from Toba Inlet south to Cortes Island in

the Discovery Islands.

When the main villages in Toba Inlet were flooded in

 the 1800s, the Klahoose Band relocated their

 traditional winter settlement to a permanent site in

 Squirrel Cove  on Cortes Island.

Ancient native pictographs, Indian burial grounds,

 and abandoned native villages can still be

seen today.

Toba Inlet was originally named Canal de la Tabla

 by Dionisio Alcala Galiano, captain of the Spanish

vessel Sutil, and Cayetano Valdes y Bazan, captain

 of the Spanish vessel Mexicana.

 Galiano and Valdes found a strangely decorated

Indian wooden tablet or plank here while exploring

the area  between Vancouver Island and the

 mainland in 1792.

 In 1795 the name was changed to Toba, apparently

 in  honour of Antonio Toba Arredondo, the only

officer under Captain Alexandro Malaspina who

had not had a local place named after him.

 Malaspina sailed two ships of the Spanish Navy

 along the coast of British Columbia in 1791.

The peaceful and undeveloped Toba Inlet provides

 almost total isolation for those who venture into its

pristine waters and forests.

Working freight boats, floatplanes and water taxis

occasionally ply the opaque emerald waters, and

 solitary pleasure boaters enjoy a cruising experience

 that ranks  among the best in the world.

Visitors fly to Campbell River on Vancouver Island

 and transfer to a seaplane for the 20-minute

 flight over spectacular scenery to Toba Inlet.

Water taxis can also be chartered in Campbell River

 for a 90-minute cruise to the inlet.

Toba Inlet is also accessible from Squirrel Cove on

Cortes Island, and from Quadra Island at Heriot Bay

and the Surge Narrows Road. Quadra and Cortes

Islands are accessible by ferry from Campbell River.

 The inlet is also reached from the Sunshine Coast,

 from the communities of Lund and Powell River.

Known Canadian brands of premium Glacier

 Water are  bottled directly at the source of the water

at Alpine Creek  in Toba Inlet.

Glacier water is sourced for bottling before it has a

 chance to filter into the earth, ensuring cleaner

tasting  water in its purest state possible – the perfect

 quencher for the thirsty outdoor adventurer!

Toba Inlet has a number of cascading waterfalls that

 plummet down the steep mountain slopes into the

 emerald waters of the inlet, some of which appear to

 flow from the clouds.

The waterfalls are at their most impressive in early

summer as the snowpack in the Coast Mountains


Kayaking in Toba Inlet is an unforgettable

experience for solitude-seeking paddlers with the

time to explore this wilderness region.

Camp can be set up along the way, although suitable

campsites become scarce as you move toward the

 head of the inlet.

Not many places in the world provide an

 opportunity to watch bears foraging along the

 shoreline from the safety  of a kayak!

Paddlers can also stop at one of the many waterfalls

 that cascade into the inlet.

 Visitors need to be aware that this is prime bear

country, so appropriate safety measures should

 be taken.

As the area is very isolated, kayaking experience and

 self-sufficiency is required.

Fresh water is available from any one of the dozens

 of creeks that tumble down the mountainous

terrain all along the paddling route.

Kayaking tour companies operating out of Lund and

 Powell River on the Sunshine Coast, and Quadra

and Cortes Islands, offer guided multi-day

seakayaking trips  into Toba Inlet, and the

surrounding area, for both novice and experienced


Hiking: opportunities are numerous in Toba Inlet.

 A logging road opposite Brem Bay on the east side of

Snout Point winds up the hillside towards

 Mt. Grazebrooke, and at the head on Toba Inlet the

 road bridges the estuary of the Tahumming River

 before continuing for several miles up the

 Toba Valley.

Tahumming Range in Toba Inlet is an excellent

destination for both hikers and climbers.


Toba Inlet has some major salmon runs in its

various rivers and streams, and several streams in

 the  estuary area produce excellent rainbow trout


 Anglers can also catch cod, red snapper, flounder

 and prawns.

Boaters seeking the tranquility and scenic wonders

 of Toba Inlet may have diffanchoring in the deep

waters of the fjord.

Protected anchorages are difficult to find, with the

west side of Brem Bay considered to be the best

anchorage in Toba Inlet.

Boaters generally anchor in deep water and run one

or two stern lines ashore.

Boats tucked into small coves can attach lines to

 objects on both sides of the shore to secure their

vessel for overnight stays.

 Boaters can sometimes secure permission to tie up

 to a logging barge near the Tahumming River.

Wildlife has free reign in Toba Inlet.

In the waters look for killer whales (orcas), sea lions,

seals, and dolphins, and ashore you are likely to view

 deer, mink, raccoons, black bears, and grizzly bears

 grazing on the lush river estuaries or foraging along

 the rugged shoreline.

The ever-present bald eagles patrol the skies above.

Desolation Sound Marine Park possesses a magical

magnetism that draws boaters and paddlers from

 distant shores.

Popular anchorages include Prideaux Haven,

Tenedos Bay, and Grace Harbour, and plenty of

isolated bays and campsites can be found throughout

Desolation Sound’s more than 37 miles (60 km) of


Walsh Cove Marine Provincial Park is a small 85-

hectare sheltered anchorage located on the east side

 of West Redonda Island, off Waddington Channel.

The park is a favourite among Desolation Sound


Immediately north of Toba Inlet is the remote and

 pristine Bute Inlet, a deep fjord located amongst the

 narrow tidal passages at the northern end of the

Strait of Georgia.

Between Toba Inlet and Vancouver Island are the

Discovery Islands, part of the chain of 6,000 islands

 that shelter the British Columbia coastline between

Washington and Alaska.

The Discovery Islands dot the intricate waterways in

some of the most spectacular iculty scenery in

 the world.





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