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Beluga whales to Caiman, Jellies to Jacks, more than 8,000 creatures from the ends of the earth and the depths of the sea,


Vancouver wouldn’t be half the city that it is without

its extensive roster of parks and gardens.

Stanley Park is the centrepiece, one of the largest parks

in any urban centre in North America.


The attractions within Stanley Park are numerous, and

among the most popular is the Vancouver Aquarium,

the largest in Canada.


From Beluga whales to caiman, jellies to jacks, more

than 8,000 creatures from the ends of the earth, and

the depths of the sea, call the Vancouver

Aquarium home.

Wonder at the mesmerizing red-gilled sea slug and the

bizarre face of a shy wolf-eel.


Imagine yourself in Tropical Pacific waters surrounded

by brightly coloured coral reef fishes.


Search through dense jungle foliage to find the amazing

red-eyed treefrog.


Immerse yourself in the unexpected richness of the

Canadian Arctic.

Meet the Amazon’s green anaconda and pink-toed



Delight in the astounding variety of B.C.’s spineless

wonders, from giant Pacific octopi to red rock crabs.


Plunge under the swamp bubble and glimpse a frog’s

eye view of wetland creatures.


Discover the blacktip reef shark’s hunting ground in

the Micronesian lagoon exhibit.

The Pacific Northwest: See a playful sea otter busily

clean his fur, while an octopus glides silently from

crack to crevasse.


In the North Pacific Habitat, scuba divers feed hungry

halibut, and harvest fast-growing kelp.


Arctic Canada: The creak of ice and the eerie language of

whales surround you as you submerge into this cold

blue world.


Come face-to-face with curious beluga whales or satisfy

your own curiosity about our fragile northern

environment with fascinating interactive exhibits.

The Amazon Rainforest: Scan the steamy jungle for

the brilliant scarlet ibis and snoozing sloths.


If the sky darkens and you feel the rumble of thunder,

don’t worry. It’s just one of the hourly rainstorms that

is created.


Stand back and watch how the animals react as they

sense the approaching storm.


See Lions: Yes, Steller sea lions at the Vancouver



Put yourself in the shoes of a marine mammal researcher

trying to solve the puzzle of the disappearing Steller

sea lions.


The boisterous sea lions at the Vancouver Aquarium are

part of an international research project designed to

uncover the answer to this challenging puzzle.

The Indonesian Reef Exhibit: Step inside a living



Indonesia’s Bunaken National Park, home to world

famous dive sites, is re-created behind a floor-to-ceiling

panoramic window.


See brilliant angelfish dart for cover in the reef, and

learn why coral environments are in danger.


Continue your adventure in the Tropical Pacific



It’s like scuba diving in Hawaii or Australia without

getting wet, just watch out for the blacktip reef sharks.


Giant Fishes on the Amazon: Imagine a whiskered

catfish as large as a bulldog.


Discover these impressive giants and other huge fish

from the flooded forest, and find out how they are

connected to the survival of the Amazon rainforest.

Join the flock at the Ducks Unlimited Canada Wetland

Discovery Centre, which invites you to ‘wade’ into B.C.



Spot the unusual and interesting inhabitants that use

the wetlands as their homes, nurseries, and restaurants.


Look a Cyclops in the eye through a video microscope,

dress-up to fit into a watery world, or come face-to-face

with a tadpole in the indoor wetland. Waddle on down

for lots of family fun.


For information about transportation, hours and rates,

group bookings, the latest animal activities, special

events,  rentals and programs, call the Info Line

(604) 659-3474.


The Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre is

located just five minutes west of downtown

Vancouver at: 845 Avison Way in Stanley Park.

Public parking is available throughout Stanley Park –

there are three parking lots near the Aquarium:


Two on the east side, at the main entrance to Stanley

Park, just past the Vancouver Rowing Club boathouse,

and another on the west side of the Aquarium, at

Beaver Lake Pass.

Express Bus to Stanley Park – It’s Free and Easy!


This convenient service operates between downtown

Vancouver and Stanley Park and is free of charge to all

Horse-Drawn Tour and Aquarium customers.

(Operating Daily March 15th – October 31st).


Translink offers regular service around the Vancouver

area, running from 5 am to 2 am on most major routes.


Take the #135 bus to Burrard Station

(Burrard & Georgia).


Take the #19 Bus to Stanley Park from downtown,

(the only bus that stops inside Stanley Park).


A One Zone ticket is $2.25 (subject to change).


Make your way to the Aquarium aboard a Double

Decker  bus tour.


This may be just the way to get your head above traffic

for a bird’s eye view of Vancouver’s city streets and

Stanley Park!


Tours run seasonally between April 21 – October 5,

boarding every 40 minutes from most major tourist

attractions and lodgings.


The Vancouver Trolley Company offers a fun and


ride to the Vancouver Aquarium aboard their classic

turn of the century trolleys.


Tours run daily from March 15th – October 31st,

every 30 minutes and every 60 minutes the

remainder of the year from 15 stops around Vancouver,

including stops at some of the major downtown hotels.


No reservations are required.


Take your time, and after you’ve enjoyed your visit at

the Aquarium, hop back on board to continue on your

tour  to other great attractions.









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