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the Squamish River Valley in BC has long been recongized as one of the most Significant areas of Balding Eagles


Brackendale Eagles Provincial Park lies in the

Squamish River watershed within the rugged terrain

of the Coast mountains.


As the Squamish River drains through the Pacific

Ranges to the coast it has carved a deep low-level


The Squamish River Valley has long been recognized

 as one of  the most significant areas of wintering bald

 eagles (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) in North America.


 In the 1994 bird count, Squamish had the world

record count of  3,769 eagles.


The river’s riparian area provides suitable habitat

 for roosting,  perching and feeding.

The prolific runs of chum salmon

(Onc orhynchuus keta) in the Squamish, Cheakamus,

and Mamquam rivers attract eagles from all over

the Pacific Northwest from November to February

 each year.


Park Size: 755 hectares


Special Notes:

Eagle viewing is at its peak from mid-December to

 mid-January but significant numbers of eagles may

be present from mid-November to mid-February.

Eagle viewing is best enjoyed by the public from

areas outside  the park boundaries.


 The main “Eagle Run” viewing facility is located on

the municipal dyke, across from the Easter Seal

Camp on Government Road in Brackendale.

Exit Highway 99 at Mamquam Road and head north

on  Government Road to the viewing area.


An interpretive display explains the eagles and salmon

 life cycle.


Eagle Watch is a volunteer community-based

 interpretive program offered to help visitors at the

Eagle Run viewing area to understand the eagles and

salmon life cycle, and to get a close-up view through


Interpreters are on the dyke each weekend until

early February.


Due to the park’s high conservation values, no recreation

facilities exist in the park.


 Recreation use, except for fishing, is closed from

October 1 to  March 31 of each year. Recreation use

from April 1 to September 30  of each year is limited,

to maintain low numbers and low intensity use.

The park is closed to campfires, camping, trail

development,  mountain biking, horseback riding,

and mechanized activity.


Commercial recreation activities are restricted

to river rafting  opportunities where appropriate

wildlife viewing practices are followed and require

 a Park Use Permit.


Brackendale Eagles Provincial Park is located primarily

on the  west side of the Squamish River, near the

community of  Brackendale BC, approximately 70 km

north of Vancouver.

It stretches from just south of the confluence with

the Mamquam  River to just north of the confluence

with the Cheakumus River.


Access to the park is prohibited during winter months,

due to  the presence of the bald eagles.


Access is limited the remainder of the year due to the

difficulty of  access to the west side of the Squamish River.


The nearest communities, towns and cities are

Brackendale and Squamish.


Cheryl Young, REALTOR




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