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Wilderness camping and fabulous kayaking attracts outdoor enthusiasts to the Copeland Islands.

Known locally as The Ragged Group, the 437-hectare

 Copeland Islands Marine Provincial Park

archipelago comprises four of the islands and 14

 islets that protect narrow Thulin Passage, the main

 passageway for boats and kayakers travelling between

 the Discovery Islands and Desolation Sound.

Wilderness camping and fabulous kayaking attracts

 outdoor enthusiasts to this group of small, moss

 covered rocky islands.

 Other leisure pursuits in the area include swimming,

 fishing, snorkelling and scuba diving.

The Copeland Islands and Savary Island lie offshore

 from Lund on the Malaspina Peninsula of the

 Sunshine Coast.

You can see the white sandy beaches of Savary

 beckoning in the distance, while the Copelands lie

 out of sight to the north, 2 kilometres northwest

 of Lund and southwest of Bliss Landing.

Paddlers wishing to reach the Copelands should head

 north from Lund, hugging the steep-sided coastline.

 Marine traffic in Thulin Passage can kick up quite

 a sizeable chop; thus, it’s best to set out as early in

 the day as possible, before large pleasure craft

 begin to ply these waters.

Pick your opening and paddle hard to cover the

 1-kilometre distance between the peninsula and

 the most southerly island in this chain.

Once in the vicinity of the Copelands, you’ll find

 sheltered paddling that you’ll have to share only

 with the numerous seals that haul up on little islets

 when not fishing for their next meal.

 Shellfish are particularly abundant.

Although the seven major islands in the Copelands

 are quite rugged, with limited level terrain, a

 handful of campsites are tucked away on the

sheltered north side of the third from the top of

the chain.

 There are no facilities here other than wilderness

 campsites and two pit toilets, and campfires are


Pack out everything except your oyster shells, though you’ll probably want to keep one as a memento.

Boaters will find secluded and protected anchorages among the islands, islets and rocks of the Copelands. Space is limited though, requiring a stern line to fastened ashore to prevent swinging.

Copeland Islands Marine Provincial Park is located

north of Lund on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast.

 Small boats may be launched at Lund for the short

 trip to Copeland Islands Marine Provincial Park.


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