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Woodwynn Farms believing in people


woodwynne farms


Check out this video all about Woodwynne Farms Fundraiser





Woodwynn Farms is our 193 acre organic farm for our therapeutic

community for the homeless, offering an opportunity to change

peoples’ lives with educational and work programmes based on

responsibility, dignity, independence and the principles of

peer-to-peer help.

The affection, understanding and support that every person receives

are daily examples of the kind of selflessness that cannot be

considered a simple exchange because it can only come straight

from the heart.

There is no single, failsafe recipe that can save everyone, only a

fundamental rule – Respect and Unconditional Love.

The road that people have to travel can be long and complex, but the

aim is to help them become aware of their true potential.

Outcasts that have been overcome by life’s difficulties are encouraged

and supported through trust and dialogue.

All those who enter Woodwynn will find a home, health and legal assistance

and the chance to study and receive vocational training.

Work skills, Community, Self-Respect and a deep understanding of

Sustainability are fundamental to reintegration into society.

Therapeutic communities, both locally and internationally, such as

San Patrignano,Italyhave proven lasting success rates of over 70%.

Founder and Executive Director Richard LeBlanc saw a 76% success

rate inVictoriawith his YEP program which helped 385 street youth

transform their lives

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Day 72: Journey to the Edges 2012

Posted on April 25, 2012 by richard

Dilemma: betwixt and between

Since the Agricultural Land Commission’s recent decision to deny

our proposal for our Therapeutic Community for the formerly homeless

on our farm, I have been busy planning our next steps.

We intend to move forward in building our program, and bringing

people to this land.  We intend to continue to build on our food crops,

haying and onsite market.

We intend to continue to build and showcase our support.

Simultaneously, it is invaluable to continue to build our connection

to homelessness issues, thru the Journey to the Edges campaign.

The increased awareness continues to be vital to bringing effective

solutions to our community.

Problem:  How can I be in two places at the same time?

I am inviting your feedback.


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Day 64 Journey to the Edges 2012

Posted on April 21, 2012 by richard



VICTORIA,BC-The Creating Homefulness Society, operators of th

e Woodwynn Farms Therapeutic Community for the homeless,

announce that the BC Agricultural Land Commission has refused

their application to operate the Therapeutic Community program

at this property.

Founder and Executive director Richard Leblanc is “extremely

disappointed, yet undaunted by this latest development.

On behalf of those we serve, and the massive efforts of our

supporters, we are disappointed”

“We were very disappointed to receive the decision not to

approve our application for non farm use on 1% of our agriculture

land to enable us to provide housing and training for persons

currently homeless.

The remaining 99% of the agricultural land will be developed to

meet the optimum agricultural potential, of this farm.

We have demonstrated our sincerity, by bringing food crops to this

land for the first time in over 150 years.

“We are disappointed, as this use is much less than is allowed

for many other agricultural operations in theSaanichPeninsulathat

are involved in agri-tourism.

Many of these farming operations have relegated much larger portions

of their agriculture land to non agriculture use.

“We are disappointed, as we did show the ALC that our proposal

would ensure that Woodwynn Farms will meet its agricultural potential

under our stewardship, and would not end up as country estates,

as is the case for many ALC properties in theSaanichPeninsula.

“We understand that the ALC is concerned that if our proposed

operation is not successful that there may be pressure to continue

the housing for other purposes and we regret that the Commissioners

disregarded our covenants, to enter into a legal binding agreement

to remove all facilities.
“We are disappointed that the ALC denied our application for farm

dorm housing for the formerly homeless on 2 acres, while recently

approving 23.4 acres forTrinityWesternUniversity classroom space,

student and faculty housing, commercial and recreational

usage, on ALR land.

“We also are disappointed in the denial of the vital importance

of having the residents housed on the farm, for the Woodwynn

Therapeutic project to be successful.

Our research has clearly shown and is supported by similar existing

operations that the persons involved in this therapeutic program must

be housed on the land.

The recent Journey to the Edges 2012 campaign has served to

strengthen the resolve of the team at Woodwynn Farms.

Our team is meeting soon and will be announcing our next steps

shortly thereafter.

Meanwhile, farming and therapeutic operations continue, with

‘business as usual’.

Our farm market opens for the season soon and we continue to assist

formerly homeless at our farm.

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