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British Columiba’s proud aviation past

British Columiba’s proud aviation past

The Aviation Museum is an interesting

place to visit if you enjoy airplanes and

British Columbia’s proud aviation past.

 The museum is conveniently located

near the Victoria International Airport

 at 1910 Norseman Road in

 North Saanich.

To get here you take the McTavish exit

 off the Pat Bay Highway heading

north to Sidney.

 Once on McTavish, take a quick right

 onto Canora Road.

Follow Canora and look for the signs

and the large hanger situated on

 Norseman Road.

There is plenty of free parking available

 with lots of room for RV’s and Motorhomes.

Displays of Planes and Aircraft Machinery

The display is open seven days a week

all year except Christmas Day and  New Year’s Day.

 The covered museum has various

 pictures, models, displays of planes

and aircraft machinery for you to view.

Layout Map

Once you enter the museum make sure

you pick up the information brochure

 that gives a layout map of all the

 aviation pieces that have been collected.

 There are also volunteers and guides

available that will gladly help with any

 of your questions concerning the

British Columbia Aviation Museum.

Aviation History

The museum has been set up in sections

 dealing with all types of aviation displays.

 There are examples of flight simulators,

 ultra lights, jet fighters and helicopters.

Wright Cyclone Motor

A really interesting exhibit is the one

 dealing with the 18-cylinder Wright

 Cyclone Motor.

The “Cyclone” motor, first introduced

 in 1937, was one of the most powerful

 radial style engines ever produced

in America.

2500 Horsepower 18-Cylinder Radial Motor

This 2500-horse power motor is still

used today on the two Martin Mars

 Water Bombers that are stationed at

 Sproat Lake near Port Alberni.

If you get a chance, visit Sproat Lake

 and watch four of these engines come

 to life as the Martin Mars Bomber

 takes off to fight forest fires.

Old Gauges and Radio Tuners

Another artifact that is really neat

 is the radio display.

You will get to hear the local radio

 tower from the Victoria International

 Airport come over speakers that have

 been set up.

Have a look at the old gauges and radio

 tuners in and around oak furniture.

 You will go right back into time when

 radio was the lifeline for a pilot.

Take Your Time

Make sure you have a couple of hours

 to spend time here.

 Take your kids as they will really enjoy

 the displays of aircraft and aviation


British Columbia Aviation Links

British Columbia Aviation Museum

(Victoria Airport)

British Columbia Airports and Airline Companies

Abbotsford International Airshow

Canadian Museum of Flight located

at the Langley Airport

Delta Heritage Air Park

Vickers-Armstrongs Viscount Model 757

This Vickers-Armstrongs Viscount

 Model 757 was delivered to Trans

 Canada Air-Lines on March 28 1957

 and remained in their fleet until

 April 27 1974.

 From January 21 1977 until June 10

1980 CF-THG was operated by Harrison

 Airways of Vancouver.

When it’s flying days ended it was

used by Pacific Vocational Institute

 for maintenance training until

 September 1995 when it was

 replaced by a 737 aircraft.

The Viscount was then parked on

 the Vancouver ramp until 2005 when

 she was purchased by the BCAM for

 one dollar.

 THG was transported to the Museum

 from Vancouver by barge through

 the assistance of BCAM member Glen

 Pearce and the courtesy of Nickel

 Brothers House Moving.


Restoration work began in the Spring

 of 2007

North American Harvard

Dave Stillman, Fred Fudd, Win Albrecht

 and other volunteers at the BC Aviation

 Museum are working hard to restore

 a North American Harvard.

Over the past 4 years this project has

 involved several other members at one

 time or another.

The restoration crew is currently searching

 for part of the landing gear so if you have

 any information about where this can

be sourced from please contact the museum.





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