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The Quw’utsun Cultural and Conference Centre in Duncan

The Quw’utsun Cultural and Conference Centre in Duncan

 is a must see for admirere of native arts and crafts

The Quw’utsun’ Cultural and Conference

 Centre in Duncan on Vancouver Island

 is a must-see for admirers of native arts

 and crafts.

The world-class attraction is owned and

 operated by the Cowichan Tribe, the  largest

 Aboriginal band in British Columbia.

Located on 6 acres of beautiful landscaped

 grounds along the banks of the Cowichan

 River, a designated BC heritage river, the

 native heritage centre offers a truly unique

 experience, sharing the stories and traditions

 of the Cowichan people from hundreds of

years ago.

It is a world of colour and pageantry, where

First Nations talent and pride are abundant.


 The centre is committed to the culture of

 warmth and sharing, aspiring to bridge

 the gaps that exist between cultures and

 to promote native culture in a positive way.

The Quw’utsun’ Cultural and Conference

Centre offers an authentic First Nations

experience, including interpretive tours,

traditional art work, salmon barbeques,

displays and live demonstrations, and the

 Khowutzun Tzinquaw Dancers.


In summer you can watch the creation of the

 famous Cowichan sweaters as they are

 hand-knitted in one piece, their unique patterns

reflecting the knitter’s family designs (some even

spin their own wool).


The Centre also features an open-air carving

 shed, where native carvers with handmade

tools craft traditional 12- to 20-foot totem

 poles, each pole representing the carver’s

 interpretation of a tribal design.

Visitors may view work in progress as the

totem poles take shape.


The excellent art gallery and gift shop offers

 shopping for genuine Cowichan Sweaters in

 a variety of styles and patterns, knitted apparel,

 and hand crafted Coast Salish works and art,

including carvings, prints, plaques, blankets,

clothing, and jewellery handmade with gold,

silver and copper.


Visitors can custom order from their selection

 of totem poles.


 Shopping items are also available for online

 purchase through the centre’s website.


Authentic native cuisine is offered at the centre’s

 restaurant, the Riverwalk Café, which offers a

 delicious menu of native food using traditional

 ingredients such as rabbit, venison, buffalo,

 and halibut.

 Each dish is prepared individually and served

 with a complimentary basket of freshly baked

 native breads.


 Enjoy your meal while relaxed on the restaurant’s

 patio along the beautiful Cowichan River.

Conference facilities at the Conference

Centre blend the latest in high-tech facilities

 with the Coast Salish uniqueness that is

 distinctly Cowichan.

The magnificent hand carved entrance poles

and the spectacular riverfront view greet the

visitor and create an environment that will

 make the business at hand a pleasure.

 Seven rooms are available to meet all needs.

The Quw’utsun’ Cultural and Conference Centre

 and Riverwalk Café are located in Duncan in

the Cowichan Valley, a 45-minute drive from

 both Nanaimo and Victoria.

The centre is 5 minutes from the Duncan

city centre, just off the Trans-Canada Highway 1.


The Quw’utsun’ Cultural and Conference Centre

 is open year-round.


Summer hours are 10:30am to 3:00pm from

 early June to mid September.

 From mid September through May the centre

 accepts group bookings of 15 people or more

 only, and is available for conferences and

 catering events.


Please contact the booking coordinator for more


Quw’utsun’ Cultural & Conference Centre
200 Cowichan Way
Duncan, BC
V9L 6P4

Tel: 1-877-746-8119







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