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Postcard-pretty Garden Bay is tucked between the waters of Garden Bay and Hospital bay on the north side of Pender Harbour


 The small village of Garden Bay is tucked between

the waters of Garden Bay and Hospital Bay on the

north side of Pender Harbour.

The communities of Garden Bay, Madeira Park

and Irvine’s Landing are known collectively as

 Pender Harbour, located on the Sunshine

Coast of BC.



Postcard-pretty Garden Bay, with its yacht club,

 marinas, general store, restaurants and heritage

 inn, offers a gorgeous setting and terrific ocean


A dominant feature of the community, Garden Bay

 Marine Provincial Park is fronted by 200 metres

 of shoreline and includes the 471-metre high

Mount Daniel.


Location: Garden Bay is located on Pender Harbour

 off Highway 101 on the Sunshine Coast of BC.

 The Sunshine Coast is accessible from the rest of

 the Lower Mainland only by boat or airplane.


 Travellers aboard BC Ferries leave Horseshoe Bay

 in West Vancouver for the 45-minute ride to

 Langdale on the Sechelt Peninsula.


Highway 101 links Langdale with Garden Bay,

approximately 37 km north of Sechelt off Highway

 101 on Garden Bay Road, a scenic drive through

 a pastoral farming valley, passing between

 Katherine Lake and Garden Bay Lake.

View Map of the Sunshine Coast.

The eastern peak of Mount Daniel is of great

 ceremonial significance to the Sechelt First

 Nation, whose ancestors used it as a setting for

puberty rites.


 The summit of Mount Daniel (like the cemetery

 on the waterfront) is a protected archeological site.

Picnic in nearby John Daly Regional Park, where

 salmon spawn in Anderson Creek every fall.


From Garden Bay you can arrange boat charters

 or cruises to Jervis Inlet, Princess Louisa Inlet and

 the magnificent Chatterbox Falls.

 Voted most scenic natural anchorage in the world,

 Princess Louisa Marine Provincial Park has a

 charm and scenic beauty that must be seen and

experienced  to be fully appreciated, a tranquil

paradise tucked into the Coast Mountains on the

 BC mainland.


Garden Bay Lake is a popular spot for swimming,

 canoeing and fishing. Garden Bay Road hugs the

 northern and western shoreline of Garden Bay



March is one of the few months on the fishing

 calendar when anglers get to stay home and tidy

 their tackle boxes, or tie on a fly and try for

 surface-feeding trout at Garden Bay Lake,

Hotel Lake, and Mixal Lake, which are located

 beside Garden Bay Road, Irvine Landings Road,

 and Hotel Lake Road, respectively, west of

 Hwy 101.

Diving: The maze of coves, bays, and islands around

Pender Harbour make it the most popular diving

  spot on the Sechelt Peninsula.


You’ll need a boat to reach the four most popular

 sites at Fearney Bluffs, Nelson Rock, and Anderson

 and Charles Islands.


Golf: Pender Harbour Golf Course was built with a

 unique combination of flat and hilly fairways, and

water hazards scattered throughout to add challenge

 to your game.

The fairways are tight, with elevated greens and

  teesthat enable you to take in the great views of the

surrounding mountains and scenery.


 Nine holes with four tee boxes allow 18-hole rounds.


 Covered driving range. Located just five kilometres

 north of Madeira Park at 13823 Sunshine Coast



Golf Vacations in British Columbia.


Two hiking trails lead to viewpoints overlooking

 Pender Harbour. Pender Hill (758 feet/231 m) rises

sharply from the saltchuk (a Native term for water)

above Irvines Landing, while Mount Daniel

 (1,375 feet/419 m)  sits above Garden Bay.


 Both present moderately difficult, unrelentingly

steep hiking.


 Packing a water bottle (or two) is  a must.

If time is of the essence, choose the Pender Hill

Trail (moderate; 2 miles/3 km return) where a

 30-minute cardiovascular workout will have you

 at the top.


Plan on 90 minutes to reach the top of Mount Daniel

 (moderate; 5 miles/8 km return).


Take a map to make sense of the view; NTS 92G/12

 is the most detailed.


Mount Daniel is too diminutive to be identified on

 most maps (tell that to someone who’s just made

 the ascent) but the surrounding lakes and bays are.


Mount Daniel is west of Hwy 101 on Garden Bay Road.


 Drive some 2 miles (3.5 km), watching for a trail sign

 on the left side of the road.

Park here and hike a short distance along a dirt

road to the trailhead. 


To find the trail for Pender Hill, stay on Garden Bay

Road to Irvines Landing  Road, then along to

Lee Road.


 Watch for a sign on the right side of Lee Road that

announces the trailhead.

John Daly Park has a salmon wintering pond with

a large grassy area suitable for picnics, located on

Roosen Road off Garden Bay Road close to Highway

 101 in Pender Harbour.


Garden Bay Marine Provincial Park is a delightful

163-hectare forested park, a main feature of

Garden Bay.


A short walk through the forest from the parking lot 

 leads to the shoreline and a dinghy dock for small

  craft anchored in the sheltered bay.


Boaters will find a secure anchorage and good



Black Bears inhabit the park’s upland areas.


Katherine Lake Regional Park on Garden Bay

Road near Garden Bay and Irvines Landing is a

popular freshwater treat in a region dominated by

saltwater locales.


The sandy beach at this smallest of four local lakes

ringed around Pender Harbour will appeal to both

 swimmers and picnickers.



BC A Day At A Time

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