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From Williams Lake take Highway 20 west to

 begin your adventure in the Chilcotin .

Much of the beautiful and spectacular untouched

 scenery will require you take gravel roads from

Highway 20, but they are worth the trip.


 Cross the mighty Fraser River at Sheep Creek

 bridge and begin an uphill climb to Riske Creek

where a notable volcanic plateau north of town

 offers panoramic views from an abandoned

 lookout tower.

 See cattle grazing in green meadows while cowboys

 stand  guard.


At Farewell Canyon Road travel 10 km to the

 Junction Sheep Reserve where a herd of over

 500 bighorn sheep make their home.

Continue along this gravel road to one of BC’s

hidden geological wonders, the Hoodoos.


The Hoodoos are sand and limestone pinnacles

etched against the sky while the turquoise

 Chilcotin river winds its way along the desert



You can continue on Fraser Canyon Road, taking

the 80 km loop back to Highway 20 at Hanceville,

 named after Tom Hance who opened the first

 general store here in 1869.

Another gravel road off Highway 20 travels 100 km

 to Ts-Os Park, home to Chilco Lake, a glacier fed

 lake that is the largest high altitude lake in

 North America.


This brilliant blue lake empties into the Chilko

 River where thousands of sockeye salmon spawn

 in late summer and fall.

This park is also home to the immense Homantho

 Icefield where you can explore ice caves and

 look for fossils.


Local guides will take visitors to fishing lakes,

aboriginal sites and wildlife viewing areas.

‘The white mile” of the Chilko River in Lava

 Canyon draws rafters and kayakers to the

 Class IV-V rapids that are created as the river

 drops 1500 feet in 15 miles.


Continue west on Highway 20, following the Dean

 River to Nimpo  Lake, the Floatplane Capital of

Canada, which  has become a major departure

 point for tour operators who fly in fishermen,

 hunters, canoers  and hikers.

The next stop on the way is Anahim Lake, the

 largest town in the Chilcotin, served by regular

 flights to and from Bella Coola and Vancouver.


In July enjoy barrel racing and cattle roping at

 the Anahim Lake Rodeo.

Also in the Chilcotin region is that part of Highway 99

 running from Goldbridge, which was once the

 largest producing gold pocket in BC, to the town

 of Lillooet.


 Also known as the Duffy Lake Road, enjoy the

 spectacular scenery of the lake.

This dramatic 84 km road is now paved and although

 it is steep and winding, it offers some incredible

 views and has become a popular route with



For those looking for a different holiday, this area

offers many guest and dude ranches giving the

 visitor the chance to join in a cattle drive, work

 the ranch or just enjoy the escape from city life.

 This is horse country. Multiday horseback guided

 trips are also popular, along with day rides and

 evening campfire rides.


This area has lots to offer if you enjoy hunting or

 fishing as well as canoeing, kayaking or boating.


 Remote rustic lodges or first class resorts invite

 you to enjoy a relaxed country life vacation.


With a long winter, but mild conditions, the snow

is powdery and light.


Snowmobilers, back country skiers and snowshoers

 are blessed with ideal conditions and endless



 Heliskiing is offered in Goldbridge and near Tatla Lake.








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