Posted by: cherylyoung | May 15, 2012

Our meetings are always so much fun, you never know what is going to show up

Our meetings are always so much fun, you

 never know what to expect

The next meeting will be June 4th 6pm at the Roost

We will be having Pizza from their brick fired oven

 and a salad

There is also going to be live entertainment..

We will be able to tour the farm and

see where they make their wine…

Price $30.00

Tickets will be on sale at our fashion fling

 or email

Bring a friend, introduce her to the hottest

networking group on the Island

The Dollar Divas are going to be hosting

an informal educational event on topics that

are important to women concerning their

 financial future,.

Topics such as budgeting, saving, investing,

real estate and small business on May 31 at

Mary’s Blue Moon Cafe

The cost is $10.00 to rigister and

the menu will be whatever you want to order

on your own

Sidney Meet Up Womens Networking Group


Come hear Maartje Goodeve speak about

 reclaiming,  owning and stepping into

 your personal powet, while empowering

 your family and friends.

How does the past present and future, come

 together in a powerful way to move women

forward in having a fulfilling life where their

personal values, skills and qualities are

 wholly aligned with their actions and sense

 of purpose

There are three choices the chicken

 melt is a  separate choice

Vegetarian curry with basmati rice

Chicken & avocado Brie melt
Lamb burger with pan fries
Dessert: chocolate cheesecake or
Fruit crumble
Cheryl Young,Realtor


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