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Miniature World Victoria B.C  The Greatest Little

 Show on Earth.

When you first arrive at our Victoria, BC attraction

 you’re greeted by our friendly staff where you

 purchase a ticket to enter a whole new world

 – only smaller!

At Miniature World it is as if you suddenly became

 a Gulliver-like giant among the tiniest of villages…

 or has the world itself shrunk?


 You be the judge, it is a question Alice must have

 asked herself many times in Wonderland so enter

 now this miniature wonderland.

It’s been called the Greatest Little Show on Earth!

Time and again countries confront the ultimate

 sacrifice of conflict.


War and its historical place in the evolution of

 humanity is probably the most devastating and

 challenging aspect of our species’ growth.

At Miniature World we present detailed depictions

 of some of the better know conflicts and while

 some will find them quite sobering, such detail

serves to remind us of the need to consider war

only as a last resort.

 As technologies change so too does the face of war.

 Such period pieces as the War of Independence

 and our World War II displays show how dramatic

 the consequences are.

Little Mill’s Lumber Company

Miniaturization doesn’t get more impressive than

 when it scales down reality to become a working

model of the real thing.

 Here you can see a working saw mill in all its

 intricacy and design right down to scaled downed

 blades and band saws used in the milling of raw

 logs into lumber.

Enchanted Valley of Castles

For centuries, castles have been one of the most

 captivating and awe inspiring structures to survive

 the middle ages.

At one time there were literally thousands of castles

 dotting the European landscape.

 Here we have brought together 12 miniature

 replicas of the most famous castles in a tranquil

 river valley setting.

Space 2201

Nothing makes us feel smaller than the Universe

 of space.

So what would be better than to start the Miniature

 World show by plunging you into the virtual reality

 of standing on the observation deck of the Avian-1


 From this vantage point you’ll enjoy the thought

 provoking realities of the vastness of space

 overlooking Jupiter’s horizon, it’s moons and the

 Brunelli Eye wormhole off in the distance.

If you visit us in Victoria BC, you’ll truely enjoy

one of Miniature World’s most comprehensive

immersive environments where you are part of

 the display itself, as passenger looking out portals

 at the wonders of the future, space travel and


Relax, invite a friend or get the kids together for a

virtual family expedition.

 Witness historic events or the future frontiers of

 Space, Fantasy Land, our amazing Victorian

 Dollhouses, Circus World and more

Frontier Land

How the west was won or rather how it was

transformed from its Native American roots.


 Miniature World avoids the politics and tries to

 depict both cultures in a clash of contrasts.

 The detail and harmonius nature of the Native

 American villages show an almost environmental


Even the towns of the early settlers show an initial

 low impact profile as the first signs of business

 and commerce establish themselves in the

 country side.

Here you will see both cultures, how they meet,

clash and ultimately come to terms with each

 others existences.

Much can be said of those early days, here you can

 see for yourself that it wasn’t easy.

Fantasy Land
The fantasies and stories of childhood, of being

small and of creating tiny worlds to escape into

 are all fulfilled in a visit to Miniature World.


Here on the Internet we try to share the art of

miniaturization and the wonderful range of

 possibilities it offers.

Here inside Fantasy Land from Gulliver’s Travels

 to Santa’s Workshop, young and old alike will see

 how pure fantasy comes alive


New and Olde London Towne

Explore the parallel worlds of Olde London Towne

and New London Town.

Time and changes side by side, from the quaint

 horse-drawn carriage days to the Universally

 recognized London double-decker buses of

modern day.

These exquitely crafted miniature scenes reveal the

 vast changes in transportation and architecture

 over centuries from the late 1600′s to recent times.

World of Dickens

Charles Dickens was a man telling a tale, often as

 not revealing the underside of society during the

 Victorian period.

 These displays capture poinant vignettes of the life

 and times of the Victorian period, not just the

 horses and carriages and elegant ladies and

 Gentleman but the seamier side too.

 look carefully and you will characters like Oliver

 Twist, Nancy, Fagin and Bill Sykes and his dog

Doll Houses

Probably the most popular attraction at Miniature

 World is the dollhouse section with its incredibly

detailed structures and interiors.

 The decor and finesse of this historical hobby

 creates a timelessness to days gone by.

Here you will find unbelievable details right down

 to the tiniest of paintings hanging on the walls to

dining room parties with musicians, women and

 men dressed in exquisite clothing.

 There are a whole range of articulated settings

 from an upstairs artist’s portrait studio to intricate

 kitchen scenes with all the fixings, maids

and chefs.

Swiss Family Robinson

Shipwrecked on a desolate island for over ten

 years the Robinson Family built a self sufficient

life for themselves.

 Their main home was built in an old Fig tree which

 they affectionately called Falconhurst and over

 time as they expanded their little world they

 renamed it New Switzerland.

 Circus World

Circus World is probably the most definitive

 ’miniature world’ we’ve ever created.

 It features over 20,000 figures and covers a vast

 area of our downtown venue.

 It is especially known for the vast number

 animations from rides to trains, rotating flashing

 signs and distant perspectives.

It is a full featured day through night extravaganza

 taking you from the Circus’ Winter Quarters in

 Florida to a classic Big Top Performance complete

 with clowns, animals and extensive animated

 amusement park!

CONTACT: Miniature World
PHONE: 250-385-9731
FAX: 250-385-2835

General Inquiries
CEO – Manager
Technical Web Support:

LOCATION: Downtown in Victoria, BC, Canada
649 Humboldt St., Victoria, BC, Canada V8W 1A7
within The Fairmont Empress Hotel.
(downtown, across from the Inner Harbour)

HOURS: We’re open every day. – except Dec.25
See Hours of Operation and Pricing for  details.

Parking / Buses: There is Tour Bus parking in

 front of the building, and we are adjacent to a

 parking lot.

There is also street parking with meters.

 City buses lines stop right near our door.

MINIATURE WORLD is located within those

 hallowed walls of Victoria’s famous landmark

Hotel, The Fairmont Empress Hotel, which stands

 majestically at the entrance to the City’s

 picturesque Inner Harbour and next to the

 BC Legislative Buildings.







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