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Cat-Skiing Highlights in the Kootnay Rockies


Cat-Skiing Highlights in the Kootnay Rockies



Nelson, often referred to as “the hippest little

town in BC,” is a gateway to incredible cat-skiing

in the Selkirk and Valhalla mountains.

 Gain access to some of the most outrageous

gladed runs in BC and ride through steep alpine

bowls and old-growth forests.


Operators offer both single-day and multi-day

trips with remote lodges.

More about cat-skiing in Nelson

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More about cat-skiing in Rossland


Mountains. Cat-skiing operators offer packages

 suitable for skiers of different experience levels:

intermediate skiers who crave powder but not

steep slopes; powder skiers who enjoy trees and

a challenge; and hardcore adventurers who live

 for triple black diamonds and non-stop,

 leg-burning vertical.


Descents vary from 300m/984ft to 1,100m/3,609ft

 in length.


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The Kootenay Rockies region knows cat-skiing.


In fact, this was the place that pioneered cat-skiing

more than 25 years ago.

Today, the legendary Monashee, Rocky, Selkirk,

 Purcell and Valhalla mountains are among the

world’s best cat-skiing destinations.


The terrain is diverse and the champagne powder

is deep (averaging 12-18m/40-60ft annually).

There are many cat-skiing operators near small

mountain towns – Fernie, Nelson, Rossland,

Meadow Creek, Revelstoke and Golden – that offer

 a variety of ski packages and services, from

high-end luxury accommodation and fine dining

to basic room and board or remote lodges.


Meadow Creek


Meadow Creek (in the Selkirk Mountains) is one

 of the most remote towns in the Kootenay Rockies.

Skiing and riding in this area is not for the faint of

heart – it’s steep and varied with alpine bowls,

chutes and gladed fall lines.

Average run lengths can be 600m/2,000ft, with

some runs exceeding 1,100m/3,600ft.

 More about cat-skiing in Meadow Creek
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The Selkirk and Monashee mountains near

 Revelstoke receive 18m/60ft of exquisite powder

annually, which creates optimal winter conditions

on outstanding terrain.

Cat-skiing operators offer open bowl and

tree skiing.

More about cat-skiing in Revelstoke

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Golden is nestled between the Purcell and Rock

mountains, close to

Kicking Horse Mountain Resort.

It has one of the largest cat-skiing operations in

North  America, with terrain consisting of trees,

open alpine areas, and glaciers – ideal learning

conditions for skiers and boarders of all

experience levels.

The high elevation

(1,585m/5,200ft to 2,925m/9,600ft) means the

 snow stays light and dry for knee-deep(or mid-thigh)

skiing and riding.

More about cat and heli-skiing in Golden

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is situated high in the Monashee is an authentic mountain community and


a serious snow town. It welcomes everyone from

international hard-core skiers to budget-conscious


Cat-skiing operators offer single-day or multi-day

trips, with an option of remote lodges.

More about cat-skiing in Fernie
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