Posted by: cherylyoung | June 23, 2012

Coupled with its proximity to Vancouver, Harrison is a perfect year-round getaway

Harrison Hot Springs (pop. 1,573) might appear

to be a small community, but with its first class

amenities and natural attributes: the water,

hot springs, mountains and agricultural

landscapes, Harrison belies its size.

Coupled with its proximity to Vancouver, only

120km/75mi  east, and Seattle just three hours

south, Harrison is a perfect year-round getaway,

offering myriad activities from boating and fishing

to hiking, skiing and exploring the rural


Besides, few such places can boast four golf

courses within a 15-minute drive.


And few places are just as well geared to family fun.

The Village of Harrison Hot Springs edges Harrison

Lake that extends 77km/48mi north towards a

backdrop of snow-capped coastal mountains.


Other than the natural hot springs that are the

community’s namesake, the lake has no industry.

As a result, the sandy shores, picturesque

waterfront promenade and new Spirit Square Plaza

exude a holiday-air throughout the different seasons,

and is why the people themselves, who come from

surprisingly diverse backgrounds, tend to be

equally low key, relaxed and friendly.


Its natural setting means that outdoor activities



The sheltered waters invite canoeing, sailing, and

motorized craft as well as fishing and eco-

excursions on the lake, on Harrison River and in

Sasquatch Provincial Park.

Visit farms, local artisans and heritage sites such

as Kilby Historic Site; or make Harrison home-base

from which to explore the Fraser Canyon, Hope and

Hemlock Valley.


The Circle Tour is a special treat, especially for

foodies looking to savour the tastes of the region’s

agricultural bounty.

The self-guided driving tour winds through

picturesque backroads to artisan cheese-makers,

organic coffee roasting sheds, nut producers,

herb and edible flower nurseries as well as

demonstration kitchens that sell home-made fudge,

jams and salsas.

Harrison may not be known for its nightlife, but

The Copper Room, located in the

Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa, remains a

rarity as one of a few places where a samba follows

a salad.

Dining and dancing is an age-old tradition.


The Festival of the Arts is another Harrison icon

which, for more than three decades, has continued

to bring together a multi-cultural celebration of

performance art from all over the world.

Like so many events here, whether it’s hosting a

Hobie Cat Regatta or settling down on the beach

beneath Canada Day fireworks, the festival has the

entire village pulsating with a joie de vivre that

typifies the nature of this hamlet community and

is truly something not to be missed.

For information on lake activities, trail guides,

maps and outfitters, drop by the

Harrison Hot Springs Visitor Centre

(499 Hot Springs Rd), three blocks before

the beach.

If you would like to see more about

BC Hot Springs and how we became known

as Super Natural British Columbia

then check out my facebook or Twitter




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