Posted by: cherylyoung | July 11, 2012

Gear up for your August Advertising

Looking for a way to boost your business..

August you should focus on “Back to School”

 Gear your advertising to this, it doesn’t have

 to be about the kids..Mom and Dad deserve to

 treat themselves after all it’s been a rough

 summer, promote …your product and offer it as

 a special  treat for Mom and Dad…an example

 1. go on a kayaking trip

2. Mom, make a gourmet dinner for you

 and dad..spices

  3. Dad, treat mom  to some new

 beauty products facial scrubs,

creams etc,

4.  Nothing says yipee the kids are

back in school like a piece of jewelery about that trip you have been putting off

for years..

Get a babysitter and GO

6. Don’t forget Fido, he’s exhaused so send him

to a day spa for being such a good boy all summer.

7 sign up for exercise classes or yoga


 Do you get the idea?

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