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Hotspring Island (Gandla’kin) is one of the more popular destinations in Haida Gwaii


Hotspring Island (Gandla’kin) is one of the more

popular destinations in Haida Gwaii, the former

Queen Charlotte Islands.

 Hotspring Island is located off the east coast of

 Moresby Island in the kayaking playground of

Gwaii Haanas National Park, and is accessible only

by kayak, boat or floatplane.

Nothing is more idyllic than relaxing in a hot

spring or hot pool on Hotspring Island and

watching a pod of orcas swim past.


There are at least a dozen springs and seeps on

 Hotspring Island, with three spring-fed natural

hot tubs carved into volcanic rock.

A popular and adventurous way to visit Hotsprings

Island is to embark on multi-day paddling adventure

that uses a comfortable mothership to launch daily

 kayaking explorations into the peaceful wilderness

wonder of Gwaii Haanas.

These ecotours allow visitors to experience

spectacular natural ecosystems, unique Haida

culture, ancient Haida village sites, and awesome

wilderness kayaking.


To complete your rejuvenation, you get to nourish

the body, mind and spirit in the natural hot springs

on Hotspring Island.

Gwaii Haanas National Park is administered jointly

 by Parks Canada and the Haida Nation, and

Hotspring Island is one of five areas in the park

supervised by Haida watchmen.


Camping is not permitted on Hotspring Island, and

the island is closed to pets.


When you are all soaked out, and ready to face life

in paradise again, spend some time exploring the

beach and enjoy the vista of Juan Perez Sound and

the San Christoval Mountains.

More on Hotspring Island.

Haida Gwaii, formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands,

 is wild and beautiful, embodying everything that

is ancient and mystical about the West Coast.


Impossible not to marvel at, and revel in, this is

Haida Gwaii, arguably one of the most beautiful

and diverse landscapes in the world.

Haida Gwaii is about 60 miles (100 km) off the

mainland, and are made up of about 150 islands.


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