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No matter which season you will find that there is something for everyone in BC


Galena Bay on the eastern shore of Upper Arrow

Lake serves as the eastern terminal of the Upper

Arrow Lakes Ferry service between Galena Bay

 and Shelter Bay, 49 kilometres south of Revelstoke

on Highway 23.

Originally two separate lakes, the Arrow Lakes

became one 230-km long lake with the construction

of the Keenleyside Dam in the 1960s.

At low water levels the two lakes become separated,

once again, although connected by the a section

known as the Narrows.

The shores of the Arrow Lakes feature rocky

 headlands and steep cliffs, with mountain sides

that are heavily forested and rise sharply to

elevations around 2,600 metres.

The Upper Arrow Lakes Ferry service operates on

a daily schedule throughout the year, with an

additional seasonal vessel in the summer months.

The free service is operated by the Ministry of

Transportation and Infrastructure of the Province

 of British Columbia.

 Click for Inland Ferry Schedules.

There is another free highway ferry crossing of

 the Arrow Lakes, on Lower Arrow Lake between

Needles and Fauquier on Highway 6.

Location:Galena Bay is located at the northern

edge of the Selkirk Valley in the Kootenays region

 of British Columbia, 30 miles (49 km) south of


Cheryl HolmesYoung, Realtor

Saanich Peninsula Realty 

Sidney B.C



Staying enthusiastic while going for your dreams can be difficult at times. The

events of life, at times, have a way of interfering with our goals and can discourage us.

However, if you are to achieve your goals, remaining enthusiastic and motivated is vitally important, especially in moments of discouragement.

If you lack enthusiasm, you will give up, and your dreams will come to nothing.

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