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Could you picture yourself living in a place where there was nothing but beautiful wildlife? That would be Buttertubs Marsh



Buttertubs Marsh is a birding and hiking

conservation area located in the middle of the

community of Nanaimo, BC on Vancouver Island,

British Columbia, Canada.

The marsh is a man made estuary extending over 40

hectares (100 acres). The Buttertubs Marsh portion of

the conservation area is 18.7 hectares (46 acres).

The Buttertubs Marsh Conservation Area is located

on the banks of the Millstone River.


There are viewing platforms, sitting benches, picnic

tables and over 2.4 kilometres of walking trails.


The walking trails in the marsh are also part of the

Trans Canada Trail.

The Buttertubs Marsh trail is a loop trail circling a

section of the marsh.


 Part of the trail system is following along gravel routes

wandering through a forest.


Other sections are raised boardwalk trails protecting t

he sensitive habitat and preventing you from getting

your feet wet.


The marsh is a popular place for birdwatching mainly

because it is very central in the community and it is

easily accessible.

Some of the birding wildlife viewed when visiting the

marsh could include swallows, Canada Geese, Mallard

Ducks, American Widgeons, Red-Winged Blackbird,

eagles, kingfishers, Ruddy Ducks, Green Herons,

woodpeckers and American Bitterns.


The park is a sensitive conservation area for feeding

and nesting of birds.


Dogs and birds do not go together, so NO dogs are

permitted in the park.

How to Get to Buttertubs Marsh

Travel to the community of Nanaimo on Vancouver



From the Nanaimo Parkway (main island Highway #19)

access Jinglepot Road .


Travel Jinglepot Road towards town until you reach

 Bird Sanctuary Drive.

Turn here and continue to the marsh and parking lot.

Can you imagine living in a place called Buttertubs  Marsh,

there  would be no crime and all you would hear is birds

singing all day.

Cheryl Young, Realtor



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