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The Fiordland Conservancy, formerly known as the Fiordland


The Fiordland Conservancy, formerly known as

the Fiordland Provincial Recreation Area, is a

 massive wilderness paradise for sea kayakers

 located approximately 60 miles (100 km) north

of Bella Coola by air.

The park is a magical world of inlets, bays, islands,

 and fjords.


Waterfalls and glaciers are set amid the passages

of a complex coastline.


 Some of the mountains are thickly cloaked with

old-growth Sitka spruce and coastal western

hemlock forests; others are monolithic domes,

exhibiting their bare granite faces.

Located in the Kitimat Ranges of the Coast

 Mountains, Fiordland Conservancy is an

exceptionally scenic area, with rich estuaries at

 the base of sharply plunging glacier-topped



Salmon spawn in the many coastal rivers and



The three primary inlets represented here –

Mussel, Kynock, and Roscoe – are outstanding

 locations of provincial and international


This wilderness area displays a unique ecosystem

 and is considered one of the best examples of

glacially-gouged fiords on the coast of

British Columbia.


The inlets are deep fiords with sheer granite cliffs

that soar over 1,000 metres.

Fiordland Conservancy covers 76,825 hectares

 (189,758 acres) of upland and 7,592 hectares

(18,752 acres) of foreshore for a total park size

 of 84,417 hectares (208,510 acres).


There are a number of excellent beaches and

interesting upland features, including glaciers,

waterfalls, lakes, and rivers, along with wonderful

hiking and wildlife-viewing opportunities.

 Sitka deer, salmon, and grizzlies have shared this

magnificent area with the Heiltsuk people for


Fiordland is the traditional territory of the Xai

Xais and Kitisoo First Nations. Trapping, hunting,

fishing, and other traditional food-gathering

activities have richly sustained these people over

 the years.

There are a number of archaeological sites located

here, particularly along the shorelines.


The recreation area is an important habitat area

 for both black and grizzly bears, and lush

 vegetation in estuarine areas can obscure visibility,

so travel ashore should be considered hazardous,

 and is not recommended.

Unfortunately for paddlers, campsites are scarce

due to the steep topography of the area, however

 wilderness camping is permitted.


As in other parts of the Central Coast, winds can

pick up quickly, resulting in hazardous conditions

 for small vessels.


Park water is not drinkable, so visitors need to

 bring their own supply.


Because Fiordland Conservancy is an undeveloped

wilderness area with no facilities, visitors should

be totally self-sufficient and properly equipped.

I’d like to say that I always considered myself a

 city girl.

I lived in fear that someday Louis Vitton would

become an endangered species. 

 I ask you how can you live among such

 breathtaking scenery and not change. 

I now consider myself converted, the heck with

Louis, I’ll worry about the Spirti Bear and all

his friends.

Cheryl Young, REALTOR



Victoria BC.

Check out my facebook page and you’ll see there’s

 more to life then designer clothes and money.

Did I just say that?


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