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Hannah’s Story. Please help this little angel


See News Coverage for Hannah:

ChekTV . . . CTV . . . Times Colonist

Hannah’s Story.

After losing both their home and livelihood in

one horrific fire one year ago life was finally

beginning to get back to normal for Hannah

and her family.

 That was until Hannah started getting sick.

Dozens of doctors visits and just as many

misdiagnosis left the family feeling confused and

frustrated, but it wasnt until Hannah’s stomach

began to grow that they got really concerned.

After a handful of doctors visits and diagnosis’

like bad posture and constipation the frustration

was starting to set in, but it wasn’t until

Hannah started having trouble breathing and

was airlifted to Vancouver Childrens Hopsital

that the real nightmare began.

First a tumor in her stomach and a biopsy which

showed that it wasn’t a tumor, but inflammation

left Hannah in critical condition for

several days.

Than the possibility that she may have lymphoma,

then leukemia and finally, after almost a week

of tests there was a diagnosis.

Stage 4, Rhabdomyosarcoma.

What your contribution provides

Because Hannah’s family is from Vancouver

Island and she is being treated in Vancouver at B.C.

Children’s Hospital there are a

great deal of transportation expenses.

Hannah’s mother will be arranging accomidations

on the mainland for herself and Hannah’s

baby sister Hailey, while her father has to

travel weekly to and from the island in order

to work while continuing to maintain their

home there.

Her mother, who is a daycare provider has lost

her only source of income and the extra burden

of transportation costs is putting strain on

an already tight budget.

Your dontations will also afford the family the

ability to take Hannah to the zoo, the aquarium

and any other venues that get her away from

the hopsital, even for a few hours.

By helping support this family you are helping

them to eliminate the worries of financial

obligations and you are allowing them to

focus solely on being there for their daughter as

she battles this horrific disease.

Other Ways You Can Help

Even if you yourself aren’t able to contribute,

please share this story with your friends

and family.

Every penny counts and you are truly

making an amazing difference in this little

girls life

Sidney Meet Up is holding a Book,CD,

 and DVD Drive and Sale in support of

Baby Hannah

Public Event · By Sidney Meet Up

Saturday, September 15, 2012

9:00am until 1:00pm





















9785  4th Street

Saanich Penninsula Realty Office





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