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Rick Hansen and the Rick Hansen Foundation have made a difference in the lives of millions


Rick Hansen and the Rick Hansen Foundation

 have made a difference in the lives of millions.

Every day they move and inspire people in Canada

and around the globe – learn more about the some

outstanding people that are living their dreams and

are an inspiration to us all.


A celebrated athlete, a catalyst for change in

society’s attitudes and a man dedicated to making

 a difference, Rick Hansen is best known as

Canada’s Man In Motion.

At the age of 15, Rick Hansen sustained a spinal

cord injury (SCI) in a car crash. Paralyzed from

the waist down, he slowly came to terms with howto deal with his new life, setting new goals fromnew dreams.

After months of rehabilitation, Rick returned to his first passion: sports.

Fuelled by his mantra ‘anything is possible’, he wenton to win 19 international wheelchair marathons,

 including six medals as a Paralympian.

Inspired by the dream of a world accessible andinclusive for all, and a passion to make a differencein the lives of others, Rick set out on a journey,his legendary Man In Motion World Tour, on March 21, 1985 . 

 Rick wheeled more than 40,000km through 34countries, raising $26 million for SCI researchand

 quality of life programs.

 More importantly was the collective shift inconsciousness in the belief of the potential of peoplewith disabilities when barriers are removed.A recipient of the Companion Order of Canada and the Order of British Columbia Rick continues to have a far reaching impact on the world of sport.

He chaired the Commission for the Inclusion ofAthletes with Disabilities, a special committee of theInternational Paralympic Committee, successfulin creating full medal status for Commonwealth Games athletes and, in 1980, was named ‘Athlete of the Century’ by British ColumbiaWheelchair Sport. .


March 21, 2010 will mark the 25th anniversaryof the day Rick embarked on his Man In MotionWorld Tour, and today,


As President & CEO of the Rick HansenFoundation, he has helped to generate $200 million for SCI research and quality of lifeprograms. 

His efforts have continued to improve the prognosisfor newly injured individuals and have increased support and care for those living with SCI providingopportunities for them to live to their full potential.

Despite a lifetime of accomplishments, Rick believeshis best work is in front of him as he expands the work of his Foundation internationally andcontinues to pursue those dreams that first inspiredthe Man In Motion World Tour; to find a cure forSCI and to build on the great example Canada has become in making the world fully accessible andinclusive for everyone.His passion and commitmentto making an extraordinary difference in the livesof others continues. 

 A country is just a country and a province justa province, it’s the people that make it special andI’m happy to say that B.C has more then it’s shareof heroesCHERYL YOUNG, REALTOR



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