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If you can’t help then pass this on to someone who will, Dog bless Rescue Partners is a Registered NoProfit Animal Rescue

If you can’t help then pass this on to someone who will

Dog Bless Rescue Partners is a Registered

 Non-profit animal rescue group based in

 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.


Our mandate is to save small and medium sized

 dogs from American shelters where they are in

danger of being euthanized.


Dog Bless was founded in 2005 and to date has

rescued over 225 dogs.


Our dogs come to us in a variety of different ways.


Usually it starts with our partners in California

and Alabama visiting local shelters (Madera

County Shelter in California  and checking the

daily euthanasia lists.


Some shelters advertise the dogs when they are on

 their last day and these are the dogs we try to



 Some dogs come to us via other rescues such as

Rescue K911 in Camp Hill, Alabama.



We have developed good relationships with many

of the staff and volunteers at the shelters and often

they will contact us with a favourite dog to see

 ifwe can accept it into our program. 

While at the shelter our rescue coordinators will discuss the available dogs with the shelter 


manager and view those that have been there

the longest.


Some of the shelters house literally hundreds of



We then assess which ones would be suitable for
our program.
The dogs are vaccinated, tested for parasites,


 Once the determination is made as to which dogs we

are taking, they are transported to a local

veterinarian  for a thorough examination and

 treatment (Dr. Dumars from Pet Medical inFresno

is shown Honey’s X-ray).



 The dogs are vaccinated, tested for parasites,
 wormed and scheduled for their spaying/

neutering .




The dogs see the vet regularly as they require health
certificates and check ups before shipping.
Prior to shipping, the dogs are fostered and during

that period they are assessed, bathed, treated for

fleas, groomed and given lots of love and attention.



Many go to doggie daycare for socialization and

 some receive training.


Once we have a good assessment of the animal we

 post the dogs’ pictures and biographies on our



When there are three or four dogs ready for


transportation, arrangements are made through 

Air Canada (for the dogs from California) or

 Continental Airlines (for the dogs from Alabama).

We purchase airline kennels and supplies for the
Victoria or Vancouver where one of the Dog Bless


 board members meet them and welcomes them

 dogs’ journey and the dogs are flown to either


to Canada.
Pacific Coastal Airlines has been instrumental in


 Invariably we receive more than one application for

each dog and the home visit is a small part of the

 screening process.


Some dogs may not be appropriate for some

environments so it is important to make sure we

choose the right home for the dog.


Those submitting applications to adopt a dog will


receive a “home check” by one of the Dog Bless

Rescue Partner members.


Invariably we receive more  than one application

 for each dog and the home visit  is a small part of

 the screening process.


For general information please contact us at 

 Webb site

 For a video about dogbless and other pets that

 need your help go too.

 I hope that if you can help you will and
 please tell everyne you know about DOGBLESS







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