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Vancouver Island is a haven of parks and Neck Point is one of the finest in the world


Neck Point Park is one of the more popular marine

sightseeing and hiking parks in the community of

Nanaimo, BC on Vancouver Island,

British Columbia, Canada

The park includes a well maintained, easy grade

 trail system with some of good views of the Strait

 of Georgia, Coastal Mountains and Mount Baker.

Neck Point Park is home to a few sandy beaches.


Some larger than others.


The sandy destinations include Sunset Beach, Last

Beach, Indian Beach and Finn Beach.


There are picnic tables, shelters and pit toilets near

the beach locations and trailheads.

The park is a popular destination in the community

 for such activities as hiking, scuba diving, wildlife

watching, kayaking, swimming, beachcombing and



Kayakers launch from the sandy beaches.

 Scuba Divers can be seen diving just off the



And the beaches are ideal day trips.

Neck Point includes a system of hiking trails leading

to a few sandy beaches, lookout platforms and

rocky cliff viewpoints.


 At the trailheads in the park there are information

billboards and trail map signs.


The trails are short and many loop together.

Most of the trails follow along a gravel route with

 some sections of the trail consisting of boardwalk

and stairs.


Many of the hiking trails follow along the coastline.

Some trails follow along cliffs and rock



While others explore through a forest of trees.


 However it is the coastline trails which lead to

viewing benches, sightseeing points and lookout



Wildlife can be spotted at any time.


They can occur when hiking on the trails, when

sitting on a bench or while visiting a lookout



 Some of the wildlife spotted from the shores of

the park include Sea Otters, Whales, Sea Lions,

Blue Herons, Sandpipers and Bald Eagles.

How to Get to Neck Point Park

Travel to the community of Nanaimo, BC. Continue

traveling through the community along Highway

#19A (Terminal Avenue) to Departure Bay Road.

Turn onto Departure Bay Road and continue

driving until you reach Hammond Bay Road

(located right beside Departure Bay Beach).


Turn up Hammond Bay Road and travel to

 Morningside Drive.


Turn here for the park





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