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Welcome to the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail along the western shoreline of southern Vancouver Island


Juan de Fuca Marine Trail


Welcome to the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail – a 47

kilometer hiking trail stretching along the western

shoreline of southern Vancouver Island, Canada,

from China Beach, just west of the community of

Jordan River and extending to Botanical Beach

 near Port Renfrew.

The trail offers scenic beauty, spectacular hiking,

 wildlife viewing and roaring surf in its course along

the Pacific coastline of the Strait of Juan de Fuca.


 Most of the trail is designed for strenuous day or

 multi-day hiking in this rugged and isolated area.


Some easy to moderate day hiking opportunities to

 the beach or along the trail are available starting

 from the trailheads at China Beach, Sombrio

Beach, Parkinson Creek and Botanical Beach.

This unique trail was created through the

Commonwealth Nature Legacy as an enduring

reminder of the 1994 Victoria Commonwealth



Preservation of a living legacy of unprecedented

natural beauty, accessible to all, was considered

a fitting tribute to the spirit of the Games.

Construction and preservation of this trail has been

made possible by the efforts of government, local

industries and citizens.


Land exchanges and gifts of land have come from

Western Forest Products and Timberwest.


The trail is being upgraded with funding from

 Forest Renewal BC and the and the Environmental

Youth Team (E-Team).

 Please remember that the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail

 is a wilderness area.


 Maintaining this wilderness atmosphere and

protecting its cultural and natural features is the

 responsibility of every visitor.


The Juan de Fuca Marine Trail is designed as a

wilderness hiking trail.


Hiking conditions are always changing and hikers

should obtain up-to-date information before

proceeding on a hike by checking the trailhead

information shelters.


There will be ongoing construction and upgrading

on the trail for a number of years.

Hikers should wear proper footwear and appropriate
Hikers are advised to leave a plan of their trip
including which trail they are hiking, and arrival
 a departure times with a friend or relative.
The following is a brief description of the trail and its


There are four trailheads to the Marine Trail at
 Botanical Beach, Parkinson Creek, Sombrio

Beach and China Beach.

Day and Multi-day  hiking trips can begin at any

of these trailheads which also offer many day use



 It is a good idea to check local tide tables to

 maximize opportunities for wildlife and tide

 pool viewing.

A low tide of 1.2m (4 feet) or less is best for viewing.

The area offers parking, toilets, information and

 picnic areas.

A number of trails: Mill Bay(some steep sections),

 Botany Bay, Botanical Loop (connects Botany Bay

 and Botanical Beach) and Botanical Beach are

 suitable hiking for young children and the elderly

(20 minutes one way on each trail).

Parkinson Creek trailhead provides access to begin

 or end a day long (10 km) hike to Botanical Beach

or a 9 km hike to Sombrio.


This is a moderate section of the trail through

beautiful mature forest.

Sombrio Beach is a larrge cobble beach and an easy

 10 minute (one way) walk along the trail from the

 parking lot.

Explore the beach, camp, surf or hike  eastward

 along the beach (30 minutes one way).


The fine sand beach at China Beach is ideal for
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intelligent people and the affection of children..

 to leave the world a better know

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Ralph Waldo Emerson

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