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When Jacques Cousteau proclaimed that the spectacular coastal waters of British Columbia ……..


When Jacques Cousteau proclaimed that the spectacular

coastal waters of British Columbia, Vancouver Island

and Nanaimo are ‘the best temperate water diving in the

world and second only to the Red Sea’, you know you’ll

be diving one of the world’s top dive destinations.


And YOU have confirmed what Jacques knew!

Rodale’s Readers’ Choice Awards have consistently

ranked British Columbia as ‘the’ best place to dive in

North America! Your choices from 2001 awards and

onwards, show that our spectacular diving and excellent

value have propelled British Columbia into North America’s

premiere dive destination.


In the March 2004 issue of Sport Diver Magazine,

Ty Sawyer commends Nanaimo as “…one of the most

hardcore and enthusiastic dive communities in the world!”

Marilyn Griffiths in 2004 Fall Issue of Scuba Press writes … “

Wolf eels, giant Pacific octopus, anemones, nudibranchs

and sponges, harbour seals and Stellar sea lions are just

part of a regular dive day off Nanaimo … that is unless

you add to the wildlife experience by choosing to explore

one of Nanaimo’s famed artificial reefs that are being

colonized by marine life.”


If it’s breath-taking marine life you want to encounter

then scuba diving Nanaimo and Vancouver Island the

place to come to! How about Giant Pacific Octopus

and magnificent Six-Gill Sharks.

Or frolic with resident Wolf Eels and hundreds of playful

Harbour Seals. Drift through stunning gardens of

colourful Kelp, Anemones and Sponges.

Descend along some amazing Walls!

All this just minutes by boat from The Buccaneer Inn.


Artificial reefs your passion? Nanaimo, Vancouver Island

is home to the best of British Columbia’s world famous

artificial reefs!

Explore The Saskatchewan, B.C.’s most popular reef,

with over 75,000 dives.

Want to Watch A Video of The Saskatchewan Sink

on June 14, 1997?

This thrilling spectacle will take several minutes to


Please be patient, it’s worth it! The Saskatchewan

is now teeming with life as marine life is has begun

to colonize it’s many nooks and crannies.

In a few years, The Saskatchewan will be completely


Come back every year to document the ever increasing

growth of life on this historic ship.


The Cape Breton, a 442′ former World War II Victory

class ship, was sunk in Nanaimo on October 20, 2001!

The Cape Breton is the World’s Second Largest

Diver-Prepared Artificial Reef!

She sank in 3 minutes and 37 seconds and sits perfectly

upright with a bottom depth of 142 feet and a top of 35 feet.

Go to our Cape Breton page for more details.


Our newest addition to Nanaimo’s underwater fleet is

the RivTow Lion.


This is a perfect novice wreck dive and is conveniently

located just across the street from The Buccaneer Inn!

The RivTow sits at about 70 feet.

The main deck is at 45′, he top of the funnel at 36′.

Visibility is about 40′ to 45


Diving in Port Hardy, Barkley Sound or another

Vancouver Island destination?

Why not spend a night before or after your dive

adventure and see what Nanaimo has to offer!

Looking for great shore dives? Need to do your open

water check-out dive?

Want to combine a boat charter with some shore diving?

We’re the right place for you.

Nanaimo has an amazing selection of shore diving

opportunities, from Wolf Eels at Neck Point to Giant

Pacific Octopus at Madrona Point.


Spend a few hours snorkeling with the 250 resident

seals at Snake Island!


THE FAMILY and is sure to be the highlight of your

Vancouver Island experience!

Be prepared for a good frolic with the seals and some

close encounters!

These happy characters are as curious about you as you

are about them.

Dinghy Dock Floating Marine Pub


This prominent and well-known pub, with its distinct

pale blue roof, floats leisurely in Nanaimo’s harbour.

Boats can easily tie up alongside the pub with a

connecting walking pier to the shoreline of small,

populated Protection Island.

A visible landmark in the harbour, this popular pub and

restaurant is a favourite among locals, tourists, and

visiting yachtsmen.

Open May through to mid October, this energetic,

nautically themed pub is packed during the busy

summer months.

Its popularity is due to the incredibly friendly

atmosphere, good service and good food.

Seafood and salads are a specialty along with regular

pub fare, all moderately priced.

A wide selection of beers and ales are available.

The only access to the pub is by boat

. The Protection Connection ferry, moored in the

downtown Nanaimo boat basin, ferries you across

(a 10-minute ride) to the pub and Protection Island.

The ferry runs daily, on the hour with the last ferry

heading back to Nanaimo at 11 pm.

With ample tie-up space, many arrive in their own

motor – or paddle-powered boats.

For visiting yachtsmen who have dropped anchor in the

harbour, many arrive in their dinghies, hence the name

of the pub.

Shower facilities are available at the Dinghy Dock

for boaters.

The pub offers one of the most spectacular views of

Nanaimo’s harbour and waterfront as well as views

of its neighbouring island,

Newcastle, a stone’s throw away.

This is definitely not the spot for quiet and solitude as

it does get crowded and boisterous, but if looking for a

fun time, this is a great destination.




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