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In Victoria there is a place that is truly magical and it is called “Butterfly gardens” Come for a visit and be transformed forever



Join us and explore our Jungle!


Victoria Butterfly Gardens were designed and built specifically to

showcase the life cycle and free flight of tropical butterflies and moths.

 The 12,000 sq ft enclosure is a riot of tropical colour, aroma’s

and personalities.


 Stars of the show are the butterflies themselves – 3000

of them fluttering amongst the flora!


Enjoy up close the stunning beauty and colour of

 exotic butterflies, tropical ducks, flamingos,

other rare tropical birds and Koi swimming

 in the stream and pond.


Experience this living, breathing visual feast and enjoy a voyage

 of discovery, into the life of the inhabitants and the tropical

Wild Arts at Victoria Butterfly Gardens!


Come explore your Wild Side with creative adventures for kids.

 Workshops include a tour of the gardens, interactive personal

 artistic encouragement, all painting supplies, a nutritious

snack and all day access to Victoria Butterfly Gardens following

your class.

Click here for more info



Common Questions

There are more than 3000 butterflies flying around at

Victoria Butterfly Gardens.

Where do they all come from?


The majority of the butterflies are sourced from butterfly

 farming operations in various tropical countries.


 The captive breeding of butterflies can be an environmentally

 beneficial endeavour, primarily through the release of excess

 production into the wild as well as the cultivation of

 native shrubs, flowers and trees required as host plants.


The importing of butterflies is a very controlled and

 regulated process.


 Every week we receive a faxed or e-mailed list of butterfly

 pupae that are available for shipment from several suppliers.


 We select the species that we would like to order and advise

that supplier.


 Butterflies are then shipped to us the following Monday.

They arrive at Vancouver, are cleared by the Canadian Food

 Inspection Agency (CFIA) and shipped in bond to our facility

 here in Victoria.


Upon arrival we advise the CFIA in Victoria, which may or

 may not decide to inspect them upon arrival.

 The box of butterfly pupae is then brought to the gardens and

 our staff carefully place the pupae on racks in the

 Emerging Room (butterfly nursery).


At Victoria Butterfly Gardens, we successfully breed many

species in house.


 The stages of the life cycle are then highlighted throughout

 the gardens to enhance the learning experience.

Birds & Fish

The birds and fish that make the Gardens their playground

compliment our free-flying butterflies and add to overall

 tropical experience.


 Exotic birds from around the globe add song and  character

to the Gardens.


Other garden personalities include ‘Spike’ the Peruvian

 Puna Ibis,  ’Leo’ the Orange Winged Amazon Parrot, and

 Mango & Houdini  the glorious Caribbean flamingos who

 grace the Gardens’  water features.


 Keep your eyes open for the dramatic South African

Crested Turacos, tiny button quail in the undergrowth

and numerous species of songbirds.


The pond and steam are home to unusual tropical ducks and

 colourful, giant koi fish such as the Butterfly Kio and Gin Rins.



Unique to this part of the world Victoria Butterfly Gardens

 offers an entirely ‘tropical’ garden experience, complete with

 creatures that naturally dwell in this type of environment.

Warm, aromatic and tropical, over 200 species of orchids,

thousands of tropical plants are featured, including foods

of the world and carnivorous plant displays.



 This carefully planned combination of trees, bushes, vines

 and creepers is a balanced eco-system that flourishes without

 the use of herbicides.


10:00 am – 4:00 pm Daily            Feb 1st – Feb 28th
9:30 am – 4:30 pm Daily               March 1st – April 30th.
9:00 am – 5:30 pm Daily               May 1st – Sept 5th
9:30 am – 4:30 pm Daily              Sept 6th – Oct. 30th.
10:00 am – 4:00 pm Daily            Nov 1st – Dec 31st.
  The gift shop will close 15 minutes after the above listed closing times. As the average visit to Victoria Butterfly Gardens is 45 minutes to an hour our latest admission will be sold no later than 45 minutes prior to posted closing times.For the safety of our younger guests, no child under the age of 14 years will be admitted into the gardens without adult (19 years +) supervision.  We appreciate your understanding. 









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