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The Raptors are right here to Church and State Wines on Vancouver Island

Church & State Wines in Brentwood Bay is the perfect

spot for almost any occasion.

Join us for a wine tasting at our wrap around bar,

peruse the gift shop for great wine accessories,

cheese plates and logo wear, or enjoy a fabulous

lunch on the patio prepared from fresh local

ingredients by gourmet chefs.

1445 Benvenuto Avenue
Central Saanich, BC
(250) 652-2671

Located 20 minutes from Downtown Victoria, 20

minutes  from BC Ferries, and only 2 minutes from

the renowned Butchart Gardens, this winery

must be seen to fully appreciate.

 Church & State Wines is proud to launch

 The Raptors at Church & State, a unique

 experience where guests can experience

 magnificent birds of prey up close in untethered

flying demonstrations over the vineyard.

March 25 and I will make an announcement of the

times asap.

It will take place 7 days a week.

The Raptors at Church & State are landing next

month in Brentwood – come see this little guy in

 action over the vineyard Only at Church & State

Wines in Brentwood Bay…

Pacific Northwest Raptors – Tourist Attraction Bird of Prey Centre

Located in the beautiful Cowichan Valley just

north of Duncan on Vancouver Island BC, is a

unique tourist attraction that operates a Bird

of Prey and Raptor centre that is dedicated to

 the conservation of birds of prey.

Through education, PNWR strives to raise

 awareness for birds of prey and wildlife,

protect their habitats and inspire awe in


Captive bred birds like eagles, hawks, owls,

 falcons, vultures and more, fly – free – daily.

They return to PNWR as it is their home, and

these flights make for thrilling, exciting and

 entertaining flying demonstrations.

Visiting PNWR will allow you to get up close and

personal with some of natures finest atheletes.

For daily visitors,no booking is required.

Hands-on courses and encounters allow you to get even

closer (see courses page).

Pacific Northwest Raptors is on facebook!

Join us to hear a ll the latest news, see videos

and photos!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are all the birds from?

The birds at Pacific Northwest Raptors are mostly

 captive bred, hatched here or at similar facilities

 in Canada.

 There are a handful of raptors here that were

 not born in captivity but, due to an accident

in the wild, are considered non-releasable

 because they cannot fly/hunt for themselves.

We provide medical attention, permanent h

ousing, food and shelter for these birds.

Will they be released?

The birds bred in captivity are flown outside

 their pen as much as possible

(many are flown daily).

They are returned to their home and territory

 at night for their safety and comfort.

They are not released permanently.

If we left them out in the wild it would be unfair

and stressful for them, as they have grown up l

iving in a “raptor resort”!

Try to imagine your dog being left in the woods to

 fend for himself.

Sometimes we are able to rehabilitate and

release an  injured wild bird with help from

other wildlife rehabilitation centres around BC.

Why are some of the birds tethered?

 They come out during the day time to enjoy

the sun and their baths on what is call a


They enjoy coming out and sitting on their

perches, but must be tethered when near each

other because they are territorial and might fight.

They enjoy sitting on the weathering as it gives

 them a new view and it also allows you to see

them up close safely without wire in between.

Our goal is to make each and every bird happy

and enrich their lives to the best of our ability.

As much as possible these birds are given ample

opportunity to fly free daily – in a safe place away

 from the others!

When they are let free, why do the come back?

Unless breeding, retired, injured or molting our

birds fly free daily.

Individually, we let them fly down in the flying area.

They tend to do whatever they feel like.

We encourage them to fly as much as possible and

try to facilitate natural flying and hunting


They come back every day because we care for

them, feed them, and respect them.

We work with each bird to build a bond of trust

and we strive to make each bird happy, comfortable

and as healthy as possible.

What do they eat?

 Meat! Only raw meat.

They are fed a varied diet consisting of quail,

mice, rabbit, chicken, venison, salmon and other

 raw meats.

We do try to mimic the natural diet for each

 species as much as possible – for example the

Bald Eagle’s eat mostly fish!

a short video about Lady Grey Pacific Northwest Raptors

How to get here: From Victoria:

 Take Highway 1 north through Duncan, turn

right on Herd Rd – a bit hard to see the Herd R

oad sign so look instead for the HWY 18 Junction

 Marker and take a right off of HWY 1.

Takes about 1 hour From Nanaimo: Take Hwy 1

south, turn left on Herd Rd. before Duncan.

Takes 40 minutes The Pacific Northwest Raptor

centre is nice 4-5 kms from the Highway 1 turnoff.

Contact Pacific Northwest Raptors 1877 Herd Rd.

 Duncan, B.C. V9L 5W4 250-746-0372





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