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Penticton is one of the larger cities in the BC interior, and a popular destination for visitors of all kinds

Cradled within tree trimmed mountain slopes, dramatic clay cliffs and bordered by the Okanagan and Skaha Lakes, Penticton is one of the larger cities in the BC interior, and a popular destination for visitors of all kinds.

The town name, translated from native Salish, means a place to live forever, and many heed that advice, at least partly, spending a large part of their holidays here each year.

There’s literally something here for everyone, from water skiing to quaint boutiques, golfing to exploring local hiking trails.

During the early days, Fur Brigades consisting of up to 200 head of pack horses travelled down from the north, through the Okanagan, and on south to the mouth of the Columbia River.

At that time, it was possibly the easiest route to travel in order to be able to get the fur pelts to world markets.

There were occasions when these brigades would set up camp several miles west of Penticton.

Transportation was important in Penticton’s history, when sternwheelers plied the lakes and the Kettle Valley Railway had its headquarters here.

Penticton takes full advantage of its dual lakefronts.

The south end of town (with its go-cart tracks, amusement centres, miniature golf courses, water slides, and RV parks) touches the north shore of Skaha Lake.

The north end of town sidles along the southern tip of the 113-km-long Lake Okanagan.

Penticton is on the edge of what many consider to be the only true desert in Canada.

Although the large exotic type of cactus seen in Arizona is not found here, there is a species that is small, with very sharp spikes.

They can be found in some of those rarely occupied spaces where there is little or no irrigation.

Walkers in these areas are advised to wear heavily soled shoes that completely cover the foot.

Population: 34,669

Location: Penticton is located on Highway 97 in the south Okanagan, between Okanagan Lake and Skaha Lake, 43 miles (68 km) south of Kelowna and 38 miles (60 km) north of Osoyoos.

To the south of Penticton is Okanagan Falls, and to the north (on either side of Okanagan Lake) are Naramata and Summerland.

View a map of the Osoyoos to Kelowna region.



  1. Love Love Love Penticton. Use to visit here al ot when I lived in Calgary. Would love to retire here. First time I visited over 20 years ago you could buy a little house for under 100,00. 50,000 to 80,000. now you wouldn’t fine anything close to that. Wish we had of bought way back then….

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