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The coastal hamlet of Yellow Point is located in the tranquil and picturesque countryside of the east coast of Vancouver Island,


The coastal hamlet of Yellow Point is located in the tranquil and

picturesque countryside of the east coast of Vancouver Island, on a

broad forested peninsula that juts out into the waters of Stuart Channel

in the Strait of Georgia.

The rolling landscape of Yellow Point is rural and mostly undeveloped,

providing all the pleasures of country living.

The small community of Cedar on Yellow Point Road is the main

settlement in Yellow Point.

Yellow Point is a small resort area facing DeCourcy, Ruxton, Pylades,

Valdes and Thetis Islands. Unique to Yellow Point are its interesting

sandstone rock outcroppings.

The community offers a wide array of craft shops and cottage industries,

with products ranging from stained glass to pottery, paper mache and linens.

Ideally situated between Nanaimo and the picturesque town of Ladysmith,

Yellow Point is centrally located for day trips on the island, and the

close proximity to Nanaimo provides convenient access to the amenities

of the city and two of the island’s major ferry terminals.

Nanaimo Airport is also located right beside Highway 19 in Yellow Point.

When driving the Island Highway, a detour through the forests and

farmland of Yellow Point makes for a rather pleasant break, and an

opportunity to visit one of the many seafront parks on the peninsula

or the renowned Crow and Gate British Pub up the road towards Cedar.

A 72-million-year-old palm tree fossil – the biggest fossil leaf eve

r found in Canada – was discovered in Nanaimo in August 1996.

Salvage palaeontology of the site revealed exquisitely preserved

specimens of the Upper Cretaceous Period, including dawn redwood,

several fern species and many angiosperms.

Unfortunately, most of the remaining fossil-containing rock has

been excavated, crushed, and used as road fill for the Duke Point Road

extension to the Duke Point Ferry Terminal.

The Nanaimo District Museum at 100 Cameron Road displays

interesting exhibits covering the history of Nanaimo and the surrounding

region, archeological artifacts, and 10,000-year-old petroglyphs.

Among the displays are a replica of a Chinatown street and a replica

of a coal mine, complete with visual and audio effects.
Cedar is home to the Harmac Pulp Mill.

Tours through the plant are readily available, but should be

arranged in advance. Ask for more information at the Visitor Info Centre.

The Nanaimo Salmon Hatchery is best visited between September and

October, but visitors can observe the juvenile salmon in their outdoor

channels from March to May.

The hatchery is signposted from Rugby Road, north of Nanaimo Airport.

Nanaimo is an ideal base for boaters wishing to explore the scenic Gulf

Islands and the peaceful waters of Stuart Channel.

A number of boat launches are provided, and charters, bare-boat

rentals and guided tours are available.

South of Yellow Point on the Island Highway is the spirited, picturesque

community of Ladysmith, with streets lined with charming and

restored heritage buildings.

Further south, explore the mural-filled town of Chemainus, with its

charming stores and restaurants and live performances at its popular

theatre building.

Nearby Nanaimo serves as a major ferry terminal linking Vancouver

Island with the B.C. mainland. BC Ferries operates a scheduled ferry

service between Departure Bay in Nanaimo and Horseshoe Bay on

the north shore of Vancouver, and from Duke Point in Nanaimo

to the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal, south of Vancouver.

Regular ferry services are available from downtown Nanaimo to

nearby Gabriola Island and Newcastle Island in Nanaimo Harbour.

Nanaimo Airport is located just 15 minutes south of downtown

and serves an average of 20 flights daily between Nanaimo and

Vancouver, Abbotsford and Langley.

An airport shuttle service, taxis, and car rentals are available

at the airport.

You can also opt to fly into Nanaimo harbour’s seaplane terminal

in the heart of downtown.

Service is frequent and offers spectacular scenery en route.

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