Posted by: cherylyoung | November 8, 2012

She is known as Canada’s greatest woman artist, but how well do we know the real Emily Carr?


She is known as Canada’s greatest woman artist, but how well do we know the real Emily Carr?

The Other Emily: Redefining Emily Carr will shake off the stubborn stereotypes that have come to characterize this iconic artist.

The exhibition draws on the Royal BC Museum’s vast Carr collection to mount the first-ever exploration of the artist’s life before she became famous – from her teenage years to just before her emergence on the national art scene in 1927.

This new story of her life includes twenty of Carr’s masterpieces, including one painting recently acquired by the Royal BC Museum and on public display for the very first time.

In addition to the outstanding original Carr paintings, visitors can admire more than a dozen rarely-seen sketches and drawings, view numerous manuscripts and handwritten letters, read personal diary accounts, examine archival photographs, and much more.

Eighteen contemporary paintings of Carr by artist Manon Elder are presented in counterpoint with the archival photographs that inspired them.

Displays of period clothing, objects, and artifacts bring the historical photographs to life and provide further insights into this time in Carr’s development.

To round out the Emily experience the Royal BC Museum is offering activities and community partnerships including free presentations, member events, children’s art activities, family workshops and our always popular museum summer camps.

Click here to explore our Emily Carr programming.

The Other Emily exhibition is included with regular museum admission or membership.

Find out about Emily Carr’s mystery man.

Explore special The Other Emily events, talks and children’s programming including March Break events.

Click further for information on curator Kathryn Bridge and the unique collaboration that spawned this exhibition

View works from contemporary artist Manon Elder

And what day would be complete without picking up some gifts in the gift shop

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